Benefits of a Heat Pump

Ever wonder precisely how a standard air-source heat pump works or wondered about the benefits of a heat pump? The refrigeration system on a heat pump has two copper coils and a compressor. For heating, the liquid coolant in the coils outside takes heat from the air and turns it into a gas. Heat is released from the coolant in the indoor coils and turns it back to a liquid. Near the compressor there will be a reversing valve that switches the direction of the flow. This regulates it to cooling and for defrosting the coils outside in the winter season.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

Today’s air-source heat pump has improved coil designs and higher-quality electric motors with two-speed compressors. Many also have variable-speed blowers. These type of blowers help guard against the effects of dirty filters and coils. Their thermostatic expansion valves have better control over the flow of refrigerant to the coils indoors.

Heat Pump Types

There are two types of central heat pumps; split systems and packaged. Packaged systems have both the fan and coils outside and the air is brought inside by ductwork. Split systems have a coil inside and a coil outside with ducts that attach to a central indoor fan system.

Knowing the differences between the types of heat pumps and the benefits of them, consumers can make a better judgement on what types are best suited with their home and specific needs.

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