Benefits of Using Cast Iron Cookware, Seasoning and Care Tips

As cast iron cookware has been in existence since the 1600s, it is not surprising that many people prefer using this traditional style because the benefits of cast iron cookware are many. Cast iron cookware is available in the basic form or the enameled type from woks, frying pans, flattop grills to deep fryers: all types producing excellent results. Not only is cast iron cookware simple to use but it is also extremely hardwearing and, more importantly, very economical as it requires less heat compared to various other types of cookware. This is why it is a popular choice.

It is known that cooking with cast iron cookware does enable a certain amount of iron to be incorporated and retained in the food that is cooked in the cookware. This means that it is beneficial to anyone suffering from anemia (deficiency of iron). So, in addition to cooking the foods evenly it has a health benefit for many too.

However, one important point to bear in mind is that if the cast iron cookware is seasoned this will greatly enhance its capabilities and long life. Seasoning is a simple method carried out to protect the cast iron from rusting and it also creates a non-stick surface. These are further benefits of cast iron cookware

Once you have purchased your cast iron cookware and before use, it is advisable to carry out the seasoning process to ensure you obtain the best results from your cooking and receive the benefits of cast iron cookware. To do this the following steps need to be taken.

First, heat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, using a scrubbing pad, warm water and soap, wash out the cast iron pans and then dry them with a towel. Bacon grease needs to be thoroughly applied to each item not forgetting any lids. The cookware is then placed in the oven upside down for approximately 1 hour. This method ensures a non stick protection to each pan and would also guard against rusting.

Usually the seasoning method enables the cast iron cookware to be used efficiently for a long time but this can always be repeated if necessary. Consequently, it is essential to take care of this type of kitchen equipment in this way to reap the benefits of cast iron cookware.

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