Best Asian Restaurants in Miami

Miami is a cultural diverse metropolitan with many restaurants, shopping centers and Malls. There are many places to enjoy a delightful meal with family and friends. Florida has many culturally diverse cuisines to everyone can sample. Here are some restaurants that provide authentic Chinese and Asian cuisine.

The Indomania Restaurant

This restaurant serves Indonesian food in a family and kid friendly environment. Some of the appetizers include spring rolls, corn cakes, soups, tofu, lamb and chicken. Entrees include chicken in coconut curry and vegetarian meals. Food may be a little spicy for some but is a unique experience for everyone. Meals are usually priced at $18 and above for entrees. More information about this restaurant can be found at and it is located on Collins Avenue in Miami

Wok Town

Located on 1st Avenue in Miami and have mainly Chinese and other Asian cuisine. Meals are cheaply at priced at under $8.00 and above. Appetizers usually cost around $2 and up. Anyone can order food online or visit the restaurant. More information can be obtained at or at 305-371-9993. Menu includes Beef salad, tofu meals, fried rice, various noodles, and coconut curry. This restaurant is kid and family friendly.305 -371-9993

The Restaurant at Setai

This restaurant is located in a hotel. Restaurant serves authentic Asian and European meals. Seafood lovers can enjoy tuna, scallops and oysters. Spring rolls, various curries, duck and exotic Chinese cuisine are served. Meals are usually expensive from $23 -50 for entrees. Side dishes are cheaper around $13 and up. More information can be obtained at or at 305-520-6000. Setai hotel has package deals and various accommodations for groups and individuals.

Tropical Chinese Restaurant

Tropical Restaurant has the best dim sum in Miami. Most of the meals are similar to those found in Hong Kong. They serve a variety of seafood including snapper, flounder, and seafood soup. Beef and chicken meals and pineapple rice are served too. Dumplings are extremely tasty. More information can be obtained at or at 305-262-7576. Price of meals cost around $16 and above.

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