Best Baby Toys 2011-2012

As parents, we love to see our little ones play and have fun. When that playful fun also encourages their learning and awareness, we move into a state of awe. The Best Baby Toys 2011-2012 include the following top three picks for ages 0-2 years. Each of these toys has proven to be a resounding hit with wee ones and to engage both their attention and imagination even at the youngest of age.

Below you will find the best selling and most highly rated toys for babies ages 0-2 years. They are made to stimulate the minds and senses of babies and are safe and fun for them to play with, too. Keep in mind these are also favorites with parents for fun and safety:

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes:

This toy won an award in 2007 for best toy product and has been a top seller each year since. It’s like an MP3 player for baby with lots of bright colors on the handle which is designed for baby to grasp with ease. There is a large, easy to press button for your little one to toggle through 7 baby-friendly classical masterpieces. Lights dance across the screen as each melody plays. Encourage music appreciation and auditory development at an early age for a list price of $9.99.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks:

A highly reviewed and perfect choice for one of baby’s first toys. Will easily hold a little one’s attention longer than many toys. Ten easy to grasp and hold blocks in different colors and shapes come in a plastic bucket with a shape-sorting lid. A carry handle lets baby take it along anywhere. Block shapes build early identification skills and placing them in the matching lid openings developes eye hand coordination. The set is available in primary colors and also in a pink version. You can’t miss on this one for a list price of $12.99.

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball:

As the name implies, this ball is made of a soft flexible plastic with lots of surfaces for little fingers to easily grip, bend and squeeze. It’s very colorful, with the familiar Baby Einstein caterpillar character around the center of the ball. A rattle inside adds more sound and visual appeal for little ones. I guarantee baby will have lots of fun playing with this toy. The list price is just $6.99.

Baby toys are just about the most fun thing you can shop for. The selection is huge and while fun and safety rank high, you can find lots of great options. The three listed here are proven winners in both the fun department and for being perfectly safe for your little one.

Resource: Best Baby Toys 2011 – Squidoo Parenting and Family

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