Best back-to-school deals in San Francisco

School is in session. Back-to-school means several things, but most importantly it is the time for parents to hit the stores and stock their children’s backpacks full of supplies. Unfortunately, that means that by the end of the week, many wallets will be very thin. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Monthly Retail Trade and Food Services Report, “family clothing stores raked in $7.2 billion in August 2009 alone.”

This year will be no different in terms of cost. However, the extreme budget cuts will bring a new villain to the stage. According to the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) website, the district does not have funds to provide the typical school supplies to the students OR the classrooms. As the district works feverishly to keep the 200 teachers and 100 paraprofressionals employed, the expenses have been moved onto the students. Many students will be expected to provide a ream of paper for the office copier, art supplies, and pencils for the classroom.

So where are the best back-to-school deals in your local San Francisco neighborhood? Here are the top three:

Back to School Deal #1:

For the most part, back-to-school deals in San Francisco are in the weirdest little stores, but not this time. The best options are at Staples. Staples is offering 25 cent half-inch binders and mini composition notebooks. These are steals for the school year and will get your children through the year well prepared.

Best Location: Staples on Noor Avenue

Back to School Deal #2:

Resources for Reading offer wonderful school supplies for children of all ages, but especially elementary aged children. This store offers in-store and online back-to-school deals that will make all parents smile. For example, the store offers a million deals on Crayola products, Resources for Reading is an official seller of the product. You can get boxes of crayons for less than $2. The store is offering new deals every morning, as well as deals that run through August.

Resources for Reading
130 East Grand Ave.
South San Francisco, CA 94080-4803

Back to School Deal #3:

The last back-to-school deal in San Francisco can be found at any major computer store. Buy any laptop PC with Windows 7 valued at $699 or higher, then receive a 4GB Xbox 360 for free, according to Deal News. This bargain is great for any parents needing a laptop for their children and wouldn’t mind getting something in return for their purchase. The Xbox 360 would make a great Christmas gift!

Back-to-school deals seem rare, but a good hunter will find his/her prey. These deals will help all parents save a little bit of money in these hard economic times. For more deals, check your local newspaper for advertisements.

Summer Stewart is a local Mission District resident dedicated to the news that is important to local residents. She has B.A.S. in Nutrition Sciences and English and enjoys providing information to her local friends and family.

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