Best Dallas Dog Parks

Dog parks are a great way to get your favorite companion the social and physical exercise that they need. Dogs are naturally social animals who benefit greatly from social interaction with other dogs. Dog parks are a great way for dogs to come together, make friends and have loads of fun. Dallas has several dog parks for your “little one” to enjoy.

So, what makes a good dog park? Several things come to mind, but the most important are number of dogs, cleanliness, water, waste management, and shaded areas. The potential for your pets leisure experience is dependent on choosing the right dog park for them. As dog lovers, we know a happy dog is a healthy dog and when they are happy we are happy.

White Rock Lake Dog Park
8000 E. Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX 75334

5am to midnight … closed 2nd and 4th Mondays

This one of the oldest dog parks in the Dallas area. The park is broken into two areas, big dogs and small dogs. There is plenty of waste cans for disposing of those little accidents with doggie bags provided. Shaded areas around the edges for those hot summer days as well as a beach area for a quick swim in the lake. Ample seating for the humans, however lots of people bring their own chairs. Weekends can get a bit crowded. Generally the park is clean as they close on Mondays to clean up. Water stations are located everywhere for both dogs and humans. The people here are very friendly and making new friends is easy. Parking is free, but can sometimes be full during busy hours, but there is a grassy area where people park when this happens. Completely fenced in park. Overall, this the best dog park in Dallas.

Renovations have started in 2012 to make this park even better.

Bark Park Central
2530 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75226

5am to midnight … closed Mondays

This park actually sits underneath I-75 which is a great use of space that would otherwise be unused. The noise from the overhead freeway can be loud at times but it is not that bad. The freeway also provides plenty of shade throughout the day. Water stations for both dog and human provided. Plenty of waste cans with baggies for use. They also have a vending machine for dog items. Unfortunately, parking is not free since this is in close proximity to downtown, so bring some change to feed the meters. No separation of large and small dogs but there is lots of room so it is not an issue. Plenty of benches around for humans to sit, but still people do bring their own lawn chairs. The people are friendly and inviting. Completely fenced with a four foot chain link fence.

Dallas has plenty more dog parks to visit and enjoy. All these parks have there rules clearly posted near the entrance. So enjoy yourself and your dog … don’t forget the tennis ball.

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