Best iPhone Tower Defense Games

The selection of game apps in the tower defense genre, for the iOS is very impressive. Some of the best games available in this genre may be found through the popular iTunes store. Of course, with any popular genre there is the problem of app overload. If you need help sorting through the generic tower defense games to find the top tower defense apps on the iPhone, look no further! Read on for the best iPhone tower defense games, both free and paid versions!

Plants vs Zombies
It’s hard to beat Plants vs Zombies (PvZ), from puzzle gaming powerhouse PopCap. PvZ is one of the most solid games in the tower defense genre, winning over 20 Game of the Year awards. The graphics are sharp, even on older iOS devices and the sound track is simply fantastic (be sure to check out the in-game Zombie Music Video beat). Game play consists of “planting” a variety of plants and garden-related ordinance to protect your home from an invasion of hilarious zombies. You’ll need all your tower defense skills to overcome the insidious zombies, as you’ll face waves and waves of these undead horrors. These zombies aren’t a boring lot either, with many different types available that help keep the game play fresh and challenging. Sounds tough? Fear not, with the ingame item store that you can use your hard-earned in game coins at to purchase bigger and better plants, weapons and bonuses. PvZ is truly a landmark tower defense game and certainly one of the best examples of iOS gaming fun. Check it out for only $2.99 through iTunes today!

Crystal Defenders
Crystal Defenders is a very unique tower defense game for the iOS. It’s also from a popular game studio, Square Enix, best known for their popular Final Fantasy series. In Crystal Defenders, you will use an assortment of troops to fend off turn-based attacks from a horde of fantasy monsters. The enemies you face plus the troops you can command are derived from the popular Final Fantasy Tactics series, allowing players familiar with this great line of tactical games to jump right in. It’s certainly not the most affordable tower defense game at $7.99, but it is a very unique take on the tower defense genre and definitely bears trying out.

Field Runners
Field Runners is a military-themed tower defense game from Subatomic Studios. It’s a much more traditional take on the tower defense genre, in which you’ll be tasked with constructing many different types of weaponized towers to stop the onslaught of approaching enemy vehicles, troops and more. The graphics are really quite sharp, the art style is superb (think: stylized, serious take on Advance Wars) and the game play rocks! It’s also incredibly highly-rated on the iTunes store, and for good reason as gamers simply love this solid iOS tower defense title!

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