Best Local Guitar Shop in Huntsville, AL is Robbins Music Center, Inc

Robbins Music Center, Inc. is the best local guitar shop in Huntsville, Alabama. Located at 2810 Bob Wallace Avenue, Robbins is operated by the Robbins family of Huntsville. They’ve served the needs of the Huntsville music community for over 50 years, earning a solid reputation in the greater Huntsville area.

Best Local Guitar Shop is Owned and Operated by People Passionate about Music

According to Danny Wilder, Robbins’ Keyboards Manager, many Robbins’ employees are musicians. They’re very knowledgeable, and they relate to customers’ passion for music. They know Huntsville’s music scene and are often found playing gigs in the area. These traits help characterize Robbins as a best local guitar shop.

Robbins Music provides “loads” of music instruction, including classes for people with special needs. They’re the only local store, according to Wilder, that has handicap access to the music-lesson rooms. Robbins Music has always been supportive of local-school-system-music programs.

Best Local Guitar Shop Gets Excellent Reviews

Robbins Music reviews include key phrases such as, “quality service,” “reasonable prices,” “quick turnaround,” “trained, experienced repair tech that goes out of his way,” “personal service,” “cares about promoting music education,” and “teaches music to special needs child.” Reviews like that come from best local guitar shop satisfied customers. Satisfied customers acknowledge superior service.

Best Local Guitar Shop Caters to Its Market

It’s both a compliment and a challenge to be labeled “best local guitar shop.” Wilder explained that local guitar shops used to have protected territories through exclusive lines. Now, chain stores can sell all guitar brands, often at lower prices. Wilder said, “Guitar manufacturers deny that they give quantity discounts to chains. They’re not supposed to, but they do.”

Robbins does what the chains don’t do. They no longer carry many high-end guitars, because the chains tend to focus on those. Robbins responds to chain store competition by carrying more entry to mid-level guitars. They also sell trade and consignment guitars.” In our struggling economy,” Wilder said, “many people need lower-price-point guitars.”

Best Local Guitar Shop Offers On-Site Repair Services

Robbins customer service and repair is outstanding. According to Mick Robbins, “The repairman at Robbins Music is top-notch and averages a 1-day turnaround.”

Thus, Robbins Music has served, for 56-years, the greater Huntsville area with quality products and services. They’re passionate about music, they satisfy customer expectations, and they provide excellent on-site repair services. I dub them “best local guitar shop in Huntsville.”


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