Best Science Fiction Series to Watch on Netflix

After approximately four years of studying stories of fiction and great literature classics at college, I have developed a knack for appreciating good stories. Good stories usually consist of a great cast of characters, interesting plots, and fascinating settings. I believe the following three Science Fiction Television series are representative of these three elements. They are Buck Rogers, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Lexx. They are three of the finest Science Fiction Television Series on Netflix.

Buck Rogers (NBC 1979) was created by Glen A. Larson. It was directed by Daniel Haller. Stu Phillips created the music for the series.

The show stars Erin Gray as the beautiful Colonel Wilma Deering. Captain Buck Rogers is played by Gil Gerard. Buck has a comic robotic sidekick named Twiki; the voice is played by Mel Blanc. (Mel Blanc did the voice of Bugs Bunny.) Twiki wears a sentient computer around his neck; this computer is called Dr. Theopolis, voiced by Eric Server. This sentient intelligence was a member of Earth’s “computer council,” and a scientific leader.

The back story is about an astronaut from 1987 who is involved in a space accident which propels his cryogenically frozen body into space. He is recovered and rehabilitated 500 years into the future. He is now in the 25th century; at this time the earth is united under the Earth Defense Directorate in New Chicago. After a nuclear war most of earth’s inhabitants have been destroyed. The earth is now under threat by the armies of the planet Draconia; which is soon to invade earth.

Each episode involves Buck, Wilma, and Twiki; helping to protect earth and its citizens against different threats from Draconia. Buck and Wilma use a variety of disguises to accomplish their missions. The stories are simple, straightforward and they work.

Buck Rogers features an array of gorgeous babes, spandex, 70’s sets, a funny robot, and Star Wars like spaceship cut scenes. Highlights of the show include Wilma dressed in skin tight space suits, freaky aliens, and interesting costumes. Wilma is truly one of the charms of this endearing series. This show has the element of female equality; in that Wilma is a high ranking officer of Earth’s Defense Directorate. The show lasted only two seasons and had 37 episodes.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Syndication 1987) was created and produced by Gene Roddenberry. Alexander Courage and Jerry Goldsmith created the music for the series.

The show stars Patrick Stewart, as Captain Picard the sophisticated captain that loves Shakespeare and music. Marina Sirtis plays the beautiful Deanne Troi, the telepathic counselor of the ship. Michael Dorn plays Captain Whorf, the powerful Klingon security officer.

Brent Spiner plays Data, the android robot that serves all intelligence needs on board the Enterprise. LeVar Burton plays Geordi La Forge, the ships engineer. Johnathan Frakes plays Commander William T. Riker, or number one.

This show features a different cast of characters and a new Enterprise ship. This show takes place in the 24th century. The show features unusual planets, aliens, interstellar space travel, fascinating costumes, and environments.

Star Trek: The Next Generation has a more scientific and linear approach then the original. The show involves problems that confront the ship and its occupants; whether it be conflicts in space, or problems with the inhabitants of nearby planets.

The show is currently aired on the Syfy Network and can be streamed on Netflix. The show ran for seven seasons with over one hundred and seventy eight episodes.

Lexx (The SyFy Channel 2000) was created by Paul Donovan. The show stars Michael McManus as Kai. Xenia Seeberg as Zev and the funny Brian Downey as Stanley.

Lexx is about a motley crew of characters that come together by fate. Zev is a sexy love-slave, half human and half cluster lizard. Kai is a zombie assassin. Stanley Tweedle is the navigator and captain of the ship. For comic relief there is a robot head named Z90, whose voice is that of Jeffrey Hirschfield. Z90 is an android computer head that was once attached to a body. He is madly in love with Zev.

The Lexx is a gigantic organic living bug, with mechanical parts integrated in it for navigation, communication, and warfare. It was originally created by an evil elite government called, “The Shadow.” The Lexx is the most powerful weapon in the two universes. The crew stole the ship from this evil government and flew off.

The plot of the show is to find a home somewhere in the galaxy for the three occupants of the Lexx. They encounter all sorts of odd menacing people in their search for a new home. Many episodes involve Stanley and Zev getting into trouble; while Kai the undead assassin comes to their rescue.

The occupants of the Lexx form a kind of tight nit family unit and eventually begin to rely on each other for their own survival. The show features alien landscapes, frightening enemies, and the deep dark vastness of outer space. It is an odd mix of crazy, sexy, and bizarre mis-adventures throughout the galaxy.

It has a mature subject matter, and is not for children. The show can be streamed on Netflix. The show lasted for four seasons.


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