Best Tulsa Music Shops – Starship Music and Gifts

Whether you need a new CD, tickets to a show, or a purse with Bettie Page on it, Starship probably has you covered. A Tulsa institution, Starship has been a friend to local music lovers since 1972.

When I was a kid it was called Starship Records and Tapes and was located on 11th and Delaware. The store was actually two houses standing next to each other, with one selling records, tapes and CDs and the other selling t-shirts, incense and various other gift and novelty items.

In 2005, the store relocated to 1241 S. Lewis and is now known as Starship Music and Gifts. The first year or two after the move, I was disappointed at the loss of the original location and convinced the new building had less personality, but, for those of us that knew and loved them, there’s a mural of those beloved houses on the south side of the building. Furthermore, it’s still the same great store with many of the same great staff, with more room for great merchandise. The additional space also makes it much easier to see all the items they have available – I shopped there for years before realizing that they sold things like Wonder Woman lunchboxes and Beatles pint glasses because I had only ever been in the music house. Now CDs, DVDs, records, gifts and apparel are located in one large main room, with novelty items in a side room off to the right.

While Starship has a rock and roll reputation and feel, they maintain an extensive and diverse inventory. If you’re looking for a new CD, especially anything even slightly off-the-beaten path, Starship probably has it for $2 less than you can find it at other stores, and of course, they’ll order it if it’s not in stock. They also sell concert tickets for most shows that come through town, especially at the Cain’s Ballroom and Brady Theater, which is handy for those concert goers on a budget who want to try to eliminate some of those service fees by buying their tickets in person in cash.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for a one of the large chains (or heck, even if you can), then come visit Starship Music and Gifts, open from 10:30am – 9pm Monday through Saturday and from 12pm – 6pm on Sundays.

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