Best Wireless Adapter for DirecTv DVR

After a lot of trial and error, the Cisco Linksys WES610N 4-Port Dual-Band N Entertainment Bridge is one of the best options to connect your Direct Tv DVR and/or X-Box/PS3/Wii without running long ethernet cables around a room to a router. The beauty of this model is that your Direct Tv DVR box will automatically read it and connect it to your wireless router without any CD (although CD is included just in case), all you do is plug in the adapter to an electrical outlet, plug in one end of an ethernet cable to the adapter and the other to the DVR box and your TV will automatically display instructions to follow, very simple and easy to follow. The adapter’s wifi signal will start blinking once you are connected to your network. It took me less than 5 minutes to setup and get a connection! This model has 4 ports to connect your DVR box and 3 other ethernet-enabled game consoles,HDTVs, or Blu-ray players. This model is priced at around $129.99 and includes an ethernet cable but if you are only interested in just connecting your Direct Tv DVR box, Linksys WET610N will work just as well except it only has one port but cheaper starting at around $89.99. The speed of the WES610N is just as fast as if connected directly to a router! Overall this product is worth the $129 to connect up to four wired components to your wireless network.

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