Betty White Kicks the Bucket

October 27, 2011 LOS ANGELES, CA – Renowned popular actress and comedienne Betty White was found in her Hollywood residence this morning delivering a swift kick to a small metal pail.

Although the cause for such kicking is unknown, White has been known to occasionally indulge in exploits both purely fun and fandom-pleasing, as she has shown in hosting Saturday Night Live due to popular demand and generally making appearances that meet the appreciation of a retro-chic crowd. Perhaps best known for her work on Golden Girls and the Mary Tyler Moore Show, White has also worn the career hats of singer, author, and game show personality.

White happens to hold the record for longest gap between Emmy nominations, her first being in 1951 and her latter occurring in 2011, a space of 60 years. In those decades she has successfully cultivated a pleasant, clever personality, much to the chagrin of modern talk show hosts and television producers. Her harmless, genial demeanor adds a touch of ironic humor when she is given “edgy” lines, which in turn has procured her some more recent popularity among hip young consumers as well.

Given her longevity in show business and her agreeable characterization, it is no small wonder that so many would be consumed with her well-being and continued success. She has proven to be an effective advocate for animal welfare and the recipient of a few noteworthy lifetime achievement awards, placing her legacy on a level with little doubt and few equals.

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