Big and Beautiful: Feeling Good About Yourself when You Are Obese

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The following is a testimonial of an obese woman in Montreal. The pandemic medical condition is sweeping across North America as well as Montreal. New Research shows that young children who are obese will are at risk for diabetes and other medical conditions associated with obesity.

Obese Montrealers can seek help through dieticians, such programs as weight watchers and obesity clinics.

Obesity Therapists in Montréal

Weight Watchers in Montreal

Overeaters Anonymous in Montreal

The article is part of the continued series of the trials and tribulations of being obese. This examiner is well acquainted with the Montreal Lady who wrote this diary.

Researchers are looking into the connection of the sugar craving with lower levels of serotonin. Perhaps one day there will be a cure for obesity that stretches beyond the yoyo effects of dieting, gaining weight and dieting again. At the moment doctors prescribe dieting in combination with exercise; neither of which work for me. Furthermore, what about people that are so obese like myself, that we cannot exercise because we cannot even stand up without being in pain?

Although people think that fat people are jolly I can attest that most of us are not. Many fat people pretend to be happy and excessively nice just to make friends in a world that judges us severely. Others are now taking back their power; saying no to the weight that other people feel is right for them. Young women are learning to love themselves no matter how big or small they are.

As for myself, I love myself, Matt loves me, my family and friends love me, but I would love to be me, only smaller. My health issues would go away, my social life would no longer be curtailed and I would be able to walk into a department store and find something to wear which would actually fit me and look good on me as well.

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