Big Brother 13 Episode 15 Veto Show Recap

Big Brother 13 Episode 15 Veto Show Recap

First, let me start off saying how disappointed I am, that Shelly didn’t get the mastermind edit, that she deserved. She worked on Kalia, all day Sunday, to get her to put up a “floater.” After ignoring the twist all week long, Shelly convinced her that whoever leaves will come back. Explaining to her that if Rachel comes back, she will be hell bent on getting Kalia out, so she should make a deal with her, and then she will be safe next week. She also tells her that she can talk to Jeff and Jordan, tell them she will put up a floater and then they will not come after her either. Shelly was trying to get her to put up Porsche, telling Kalia that she is weak, so even if she comes back, she won’t be able to do anything to Kalia. Kalia is all for the plan. Shelly has been a mastermind this whole season, but it hasn’t been shown on TV. Let’s move on to the episode.

We start off right after the nomination ceremony. Kalia nominates Jeff and Rachel. Jeff warned her about the twist, but Daniele told her not to think about it, just play like it’s not there, so that is what Kalia is doing. After the nominations, Rachel was again out of her mind. Shelly tried to calm her down, but it didn’t work. Rachel then runs off to the Have-Not room, and starts packing her bags to leave. Jordan tries to talk to her and starts unpacking the clothes that Rachel started packing. Rachel throws a temper tantrum, saying how unfair it was, and how her heart hurts, and so on and so on. This girl really does need some Psychological Counseling. She is the worst sore loser that I have ever seen. Jordan tells us how Brendon used to be the one that would manage Rachel, but now that he is gone, she is stuck doing it, and that it’s really tough work. We get a glimpse of the other bedroom and Porsche and Daniele are laughing at Rachel, because she is crying. Porsche, who Rachel has stuck up for during the whole game, is now besties with Daniele. She tells us how she had to distance herself from Rachel because she was making everyone uncomfortable, I think what she meant to say was, she wasn’t HOH anymore so she had to switch to the side that was.

Kalia and Daniele are talking in the HOH room, and they see everyone else down in the kitchen. Daniele tells Kalia to stand at the door and listen, and Kalia tells Daniele everything they are saying. They didn’t show it, but she stood there for probably 10 to 15 minutes reporting everything they were saying to Daniele, who was laying on the bed. Jeff is telling everyone how he was ready to draw the lines and to go to war. Finally, after they leave the kitchen, Kalia starts to cry. She is really upset that Jeff is now coming after her. I really don’t understand Kalia. For the first two weeks, she was really close to Jeff and Jordan, but in week three, she turned on them and went with Daniele. She has every right to be with whoever she wants to play with, but don’t cry afterwards, because the other people don’t want to have anything to do with you. On the live feeds she is constantly talking about Jeff and Jordan. She almost seems obsessed with them. She talks about how they don’t talk to her, how they don’t hang out with her, how they don’t come up to her HOH room, how she thought they were her friends. I don’t see how she doesn’t get it. Once they found out that she knew about the back-door plan, they were done with her. But she still has in her head that they all are going to be best friends when they get out of the house. It’s really sad to watch.

VETO Competition

The players for the Veto competition are Kalia, Adam, Jeff, Shelly, Rachel and Jordan. They go outside and it has been transformed into Ancient Greece. The houseguest are all wearing Togo outfits. In the competition the houseguest’s will have to roll a ball up a two sided ramp and catch it as it comes out on the other side, and then roll it back. The first person who can complete it 300 times, will win the POV. If the ball falls and touches the ground then their number will restart at 0.

Jeff and Adam are neck and neck during the whole game. Rachel drops her ball and has to restart a few times, which draws laughs from Daniele. When Kalia gets to about 100 she gets tired and decides to stop and rest, and to cheer on Jeff. It makes Daniele mad, because she doesn’t want Jeff to win the Veto. In the end Jeff pulls ahead of Adam and beats him by 2. Jeff wins the POV.

After the competition, Rachel heads to the Have-Not room and starts to pout. Jeff and Jordan try to calm her down, and give her positive advice, but she shoots them down. After she leaves the room, they can finally celebrate Jeff winning.

Kalia pulls Jeff and Jordan up into the HOH room. She tries to tell them how they were not her targets, and how she only put Jeff up so he would play in the Veto competition and would win it. Jeff doesn’t buy it for a second. Kalia tells them that she won’t put up Jordan, and she is hoping that will make them not mad at her.

Adam decides that since he is turning 40, he should shave his beard. He invites everyone to the shaving ceremony. Everyone has a good time watching him shave. They don’t show it, but Jeff nicknamed him Phillip, saying he was a new houseguest.

Rachel asks to talk to Kalia, and offers to start working with her. She tries to make a deal, and she says things could be repaired with Jeff and Jordan. Kalia asks her if she will come after Daniele, Rachel tells her yes. Rachel reminds her that if she is voted out, she will come back into the house and be coming after Kalia.

The next scene, Kalia pulls Daniele up to HOH and tells her about the new plan. This is where CBS didn’t show how Kalia came up with the plan. Daniele had been spending all day Sunday with Porsche, trying to make sure she was on her side. That way she will be able to control her HOH, if she ever wins one. While Daniele was with Porsche, Shelly was spending a lot of time with Kalia. Shelly started telling Kalia how she could fix this mistake that she made this week. There was a way for her to come out of it, with nobody coming after her. She then told Kalia the plan. Kalia loved it. She then pulls Daniele up to the HOH room and tries to sell it to her. Daniele is pissed off that Kalia wants to change the plans that they had already made. She tells her that she is making the wrong decision. What they also didn’t show, is that Kalia wanted to put up Porsche, which is what really pissed Daniele off. Daniele had already started grooming Porsche to be Kalia’s backup, for when she gets evicted. So she doesn’t want to put her in jeopardy. But Daniele doesn’t tell Kalia this, she just tells her that she likes Porsche. They also didn’t show that Daniele threatened Kalia, just like she did Brendon and Rachel, when they wouldn’t back-door Jeff. She tells her that just because she puts Porsche up, that doesn’t mean she will go home, because she will get her the votes to stay. This rattles Kalia, so she drops talking about putting Porsche up.

Later on, up in the HOH room. Kalia, Daniele, Porsche and Lawon are all laying around talking. They are all talking about the twist, as they are finally taking it serious. They decide that they think the person who gets evicted will be brought back in and will be the new HOH, or have some special power. Lawon, who hasn’t done anything so far in the game, decides that he should not only be put up, BUT be voted out. He is convinced that he will come back in with a special power, that will help him go to the top. Daniele jumps on this, because she sees it as saving Porsche from being put on the block, and she won’t have to show her cards to Kalia about how bad she wants to keep her. Kalia likes it because she can try to make up for what she did this week, and try to get Rachel and Jeff off her back.

There have been times during this game, where I wondered if Lawon knew that he was suppose to be playing. No one could really talk game with him, because he would just talk in circles. He spent most of his time, laying around and watching everyone. It’s kinda sad to watch his diary room footage and to see how confident he is. How it’s going to be the performance of Big Brother history. The sad thing is he is right. He is going to join Dustin and Marcellus in a group that nobody wants to join. The group that has made the stupidest game moves in Big Brother history.

During the POV meeting, Jeff uses the Veto on himself, and Kalia takes Lawon up on his offer and nominates him.

Thursday we will see the person voted back, battle against the evicted houseguest. There is a super small chance that Lawon will win, if he is voted out, but I think it’s very small. Then we will also see the HOH competition. Should make for a great show!

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