‘Big Brother 13′ Player Rachel Reilly May Be Pregnant

Those who watched last year’s “Big Brother 12″ reality TV show will surely remember popular player Rachel Reilly, best known for her showmance with Brendon Villegas. Rachel is often criticized for her immaturity and lack of game play in season 12, which ultimately caused her to be the first player voted into the Jury House.

Rachel’s most common catchphrase in season 12 was “No one gets between me and my man!” while wagging her finger and bobbing her head back and forth. This season, however, something may come between her and her man: a baby.

Both players returned to “Big Brother 13″ this summer as part of the dynamic duos twist, which offers previous players a second chance to win the $500,000 prize.

Now engaged, Rachel and Brendon dominated the house, celebrating their victories by engaging in several intimate moments underneath the sheets. The two players made love together an unknown number of times, but it was enough for other “Big Brother” players, including Shelly Moore, Adam Poch, Porsche Briggs and Daniele Donato, to take notice.

All house guests have been expressing frustration with the two lovebirds being too intimate in public view. This is one of the many reasons which ultimately led to Brendon Villegas’ eviction from the “Big Brother” house not once, but twice.

Now alone in the house, Rachel Reilly has confirmed some shocking news: She may be pregnant.

Upon entering the house, Rachel did not request any form of medication be brought with her, including birth control. She has also confirmed that she is now at least two weeks late for her period.

In addition to being late, Rachel has also been experiencing pregnancy symptoms, including extreme mood swings. Lack of birth control paired with the two lovebirds’ late-night celebrating has caused some concern amongst house guests.

Reilly is a former cocktail waitress from Las Vegas. She is described on “Big Brother” as being “bubbly, effervescent and adventurous.” These traits are often shown after a few drinks have been consumed; indeed, Rachel has been drinking as much as “Big Brother” producers will allow.

Many house guests are concerned for the safety of the potential unborn baby, calling for producers to evict her from the house. Cameras filmed the reactions live as other house guests learned of the news.

“At the very least, she should have to take a pregnancy test,” Daniele Donato said, according to OnlineBigBrother.

Fellow “Big Brother 13″ player, Porsche Briggs, agrees, saying “Rachel can’t drink if she pregnant. It’ll be bad for TV and bad for CBS.”

Shelly Moore, who is the only player with a child, agrees, saying “Rachel shouldn’t be allowed to compete in the HOH competition if she’s pregnant. She could fall and hurt the child.”

Last week’s Head of Household competition involved players running back and forth on a slip-n-slide-type ramp as soap, bubbles, foam and water poured down from the sky. Players were seen falling on their backs and stomachs multiple times, later complaining of being sore from the falls.

It’s unclear whether or not CBS will allow Reilly to continue competing if she is pregnant.

The father of the potential baby, Brendon Villegas, is currently being sequestered in the Jury House. It is presumed that he is unaware about the possible conception.

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