Big Brother Shocker? Nobody Deserves to Win

Want a “Big Brother” shocker? How about nobody deserves to win the $500,000 this season? How about the game play demonstrated by those remaining wouldn’t hold a candle to the bottom 5 of any of the past seasons.

Critics of this observation might say that Jordan is a past winner. But what has the sweet southern belle provided this season? I say this season of “Big Brother” is only shocking because the remaining houseguests are absolutely horrible game players. Talk about floaters making it into the finals? It’s genuinely hard to root for anyone if you are a “Big Brother” fan because the five remaining houseguests have left little doubt that they aren’t strong game players. Unless you are from the school of thought that sliding by is good game play. So what happens on “Big Brother 13″? The person who slides by the most is declared the champion this year.

Regardless of what happens, I’ll be of the school of thought at the end of the competition that the two people who are remaining just don’t deserve the dough. Why? Because nobody remaining has offered up any skill in game play consistently or actual physical challenges.

What happened on this season can only be described as one strong competitor knocking off another competitor–unfortunately leaving a bunch of people who didn’t jump into the fray as potential champions of $500k. It hurts to watch a show where the people who are remaining were just the people who were remaining. I feel like the least common denominator is working overtime. There have been absolutely zero defining wins by the five remaining contestants.

Adam hasn’t won a competition yet. Sure, Adam has figured out ways to elude the pressure cooker of being nominated but he hasn’t proved that he is a capable competitor either. The fact that he hasn’t won anything and can now possibly be a final three participant is a shocker. What about Rachel and Jordan? Rachel has probably competed the hardest on the show-and although she is annoying-she is also probably the person who deserves the $500k the most. But even that is a bit of a “Big Brother” stretch. Would Rachel under normal circumstances stand any chance of winning the dough? I just don’t think so. But since the field is diluted, she absolutely has the opportunity to win it all.

Jordan hasn’t done anything on the show other than just survive and be the nice girl next door. Does she really deserve back to back $500k wins for being the nicest person on the show? Maybe “nice girls” do win.
I hate to say it but I always root for her because she is nice-but I just don’t see why the others didn’t see her strategy and kick her to the curb earlier.

Then there’s Porsche and Kalia. Both have been described as floaters and perhaps their strongest alliance and individual move was teaming up with Daniele. Both have won in the competitions but neither has been very impressive. Kalia has been awful in physical challenges and Porsche hasn’t really played the game the entire season. If either wins the overall title, “Big Brother 13″ will end with a thud instead of a bang. I don’t care how Julie Chen or the judge and jury of her peers justify it-it’s a very loud THUD.

The five remaining houseguests actually, and I hate to say this, make Shelly look like a world champ.
One by one the strongest players have been evicted each week. Brendon, Jeff and Daniele were ousted individually. Surely, one of these houseguests deserved to win the overall title of “Big Brother 13″. Instead, we’ll be stuck with someone who probably doesn’t deserve the money walking away with it. It’s a shame that the show has ended up this way. But perhaps that’s the way the cookie crumbles in reality television world sometimes. If the strongest knocked off one another then it left us with the weak. Perhaps there’s something to be said for playing the “weak” game. It’s sneaky and different but in years like this it sometimes propels people to the forefront.

The spoiler for “Big Brother 13″ this year is that somebody is going to win a ton of money for doing very little. Of course there will be upcoming wins by the remaining five in the coming shows–only perhaps because somebody has to win, right? Still, it’s very frustrating as a fan of the show to watch five houseguests slide into the position of actually having a chance to win it all.

The “Big Brother 13″ spoiler alert is frustrating because either Jeff, Daniele, Brendon or Shelly should have won it all this season. Since those players exhibited strength early they were perhaps victims of their own gameplay. I still can’t help but be disgusted that the five remaining players have offered very little. And I hate to say this, because she is extremely whiny and annoying, but I truly think Rachel probably does deserve to win at this point. I wouldn’t mind seeing Adam walk away with the prize because he is the less of the five remaining evils. Still, it’s hard to justify that since Adam hasn’t won competitions at all.

In the end, I would just like to call a gigantic “spoiler” redo. You know, the kind of redo you might see when you’re eight years old and you flip the monopoly board over because you feel as if you’re losing for no good reason? Somebody please tell me that one of the remaining five isn’t going to win–and that this season is just a horribly played(or overplayed) fiasco that was doomed from the start with the return of the “duos”?

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