Biometric Safety System

Safety is a major issue for all people now, be it at a high security government office, a company or a home. Important documents, money, valuables etc. are usually stored in safes. These days, biometric safes, a kind of safe that uses some physical property of the owner as the password for opening and closing it is the most secure ones that are in use.

A biometric safe is one that can identify any physical property of the person who uses the safe. The physical property identified will be used as a password for locking and unlocking the safe. Some of the physical properties that a biometric safe will recognize are iris color, face, fingerprint, voice etc. Fingerprint is the most commonly used biometric password. The advantage of having such a safe is that since a physical property will be unique for an individual, the safe can be operated only by that single person. This is the reason why biometric safes are considered much safer and secure compared to the ordinary ones. Settings can be made to store more than one password so that more than one person can operate the safe. But if a password is tampered with in the database of the biometric safety system , then the password cannot be reset. Therefore it is always better to have two people who can operate the biometric safe. Methods of resetting the password are being investigated now. The increase in security level increases the price of the safe as well. A biometric safe is quite expensive and cannot be afforded by a middle class man. So they are not very popularly seen. But the biometric safety system is usually seen in personal computers, laptops, high end cars etc.

Even though the biometric safety system in itself is safe enough, high security offices usually have a number lock or a key lock along with the biometric system. This is because even the biometric system can be cheated at times. The computer cannot recognize the difference between a high resolution photograph and the original person. This little flaw can be used to open the safe by a stranger. This is why the combination safety system is used in a biometric safe. The biometric safes are usually tough and therefore tamper proof. They are generally flood and fire resistant too. All this makes the biometric safe an essential entity in army offices, banks, other high end government offices etc.

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