Birth Year Commemorative Gifts Are a Stellar Baby Present Choice

For the first few years of a child’s life, the most fascinating part of many birthday gifts will be the cardboard box and wrapping paper the gift was received in. Because of this, the funds spent on a child’s birthday gift are most sensibly directed toward gifts that the family and the baby can enjoy throughout life. Commemorative gifts that celebrate or highlight the birth year of a person not only celebrate the baby’s birth within a calendar year but may tie it to the larger events occurring within the year.

The Framed Front Page

Numerous companies offer consumers the ability to purchase a framed front page of a real newspaper printed on a specific birthday. Some companies, such as Milson Road , up the ante on this idea by creating a composite front page that highlights the biggest news of the year. Pop culture necessities such as the biggest songs and films of the year are reported alongside more serious topics such as scientific advancements, U.S. news, and world events.

The Local Newspaper

Older people who want a copy of a newspaper for their birth-date typically find themselves at the mercy of memorabilia companies that charge an average of $50 for the main section of a vintage periodical. For those shopping for the younger birthday boy or girl, the process is much more simplistic. Local newspapers typically keep leftover copies on-hand for at least a year and some have archives that date back much further. While a back issue typically carries a surcharge in addition to the usual fee for the newspaper, the gift is a lovely sentiment for the mom and pop who were a bit too busy to buy a paper on the big day.

Bonus Idea: Craft a collage or decoupage an accessory or piece of furniture with the newsprint!

The Year You Were Born Books

Books highlighting “The Year You Were Born” are available in most gift stores and in odd places such as dollar stores, larger gas stations and tourist shops. The convenient access to these books and the low price point make the volumes an excellent filler present within a small gift bag.


The U.S. Mint issues a variety of commemorative coins every year outside of the largely circulated issues of state quarters and state park coins and offers a variety of packaging options and displays that really up the classy gift factor. Other options such as the American Eagle Gold Proof and Silver Proof can simultaneously commemorate the birth year of a baby while contributing toward future savings.

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