Birthday Gift Ideas for a Nun

Coming up with a birthday gift for a nun can be a little difficult. Even though a woman of the cloth has given her life to God and her faith, she can use more than just crucifixes, religious books and other spiritual items. These are things that many people assume that nuns want, but they can use other things too. I recently bought a birthday gift for a nun that I met at my dad’s carving club many years ago, and she was thrilled with my choice. Consider these suggestions, and get her something she really wants instead of something related to her faith. Nuns are people too!

A Nun Could Use a Local Restaurant Gift Card

Nuns enjoy dining out just as much as anyone else. I knew that the nun on my gift list enjoyed eating at a local restaurant. I purchased a gift card for that restaurant, and I placed it inside of a beautiful birthday card. She loved being remembered on her birthday with something that she could actually use.

Give a Nun a Craft or Hobby-Related Gift

A nun does not pray and read the Bible all day long. They have hobbies like everyone else. Some enjoy painting, carving, crocheting and more. When looking for birthday gift ideas for a nun, consider her special talents and interests. Give her something related to a favorite activity or hobby. A nun is always thrilled to receive something of interest other than religious-themed items.

Create a Birthday Gift Basket of Goodies

When looking for gift ideas for a nun, consider assembling a basket of birthday goodies. The nun I recently visited received a couple of birthday gift baskets, and she loved them. One included an assortment of flavored cocoa and two lovely mugs. The other gift basket held a variety of cheeses, sausages, gourmet mustard and crackers. Shop online for ready-made gift baskets, or assemble one at home. It is usually cheaper to do it yourself, and it is often the best option since you can include items that you think the person would prefer instead of settling for something that someone else assembled.

Each year I give my nun friend something thoughtful and different for her birthday, and other than bookmarks I have never given her religious items. I know she wants and needs other things. She has loved each and every birthday gift. Most of all she loves my company. She appreciates spending time with all of the special people in her life. This is one of the greatest gifts that you can give a nun or anyone else on your gift list in honor of their birthday or for any occasion.

Source: Personal Experiences

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