Black Friday Predictions 2011

Yes, it’s that time. Fall is here and before we know it, Thanksgiving will be too. And that means Black Friday sales.

Last year, we saw places like Wal-Mart and Target offered 32-40″ LCD TV’s for under $400. I would guess that this will be a typical sale again this year and because LCD TV’s have been around for a little while now, I would assume the prices will be even lower than last year. Keep in mind though, these stores usually have very little of these products so be prepared to wait in line for hours. We might expect to see this on 3D TV’s as well.

Because the main focus is on electronics every year, I’m guessing we can see lowered prices on things such as the Nintendo DS Lite, which Wal-Mart featured last year for $89. We may also hopefully see lowered prices on the PSP, since the new version will be coming out at the end of December this year. Prices in some stores have already dropped from near $180 all the way down to $130. We should also expect to see sales on GPS Navigation Systems, Blu-Ray Players, and Playstation and Xbox consoles. Maybe we’ll even get lucky and they’ll include Kinect for Xbox.

Additionally, we hope to see great deals on Toys. Toys R’ Us always has great deals on popular items. However, the public knows of these deals and the lines are atrocious, but where aren’t they on Black Friday? Wal-Mart also had a few deals on popular toys last year and ultra-cheap video games. Wal-Mart also started early last year at 12 o’ clock. However, those getting electronics had to get a slip at 12 and wait in line until 5 to get their items.

Also, last year, Menards had some wonderful deals. They had digital camcorders on sale for $20 and digital photo frames for $25 with a five dollar mail in rebate. Their large scale trains were on sale for $100 with a $50 mail in and they had tons of other deals in the store ranging from super cheap gloves to deals on animal pillows. We can hope to see great deals from this store once again. With it’s history of Black Friday sales, we can be sure to get tons of things for an affordable price.

One other great place we can be sure to see deals on is Last year, their low prices ranged from toys to clothing and had free shipping on most orders over $25. Many of there items matched or were close to those found in stores. The best part about Amazon is that you don’t have to wait in three hour lines in the freezing cold.

Be on the lookout for all the great ads that will be out soon!

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