Bone Snatcher Finds the Meat of Fear

In 2002, writers Grodon Render and Malcom Kohll, with the assistance of director Jason Wulfsohn, offer a possible explanation to the extreme fear of ants with their film “The Bone Snatcher”. By making use of the social focus of the colony, as well as the new interest in desert locations, these film makers have created a horror flick suitable for a new generation.

Without the use of popular actors, they have created a creepy story of a highly acidic ant colony that inhabits the bones of humans to maintain motion over long distances. Of course, without human interference instigated by greed, they would be a dormant species, but, not that their home has been destroyed, must find a new place for their hive.

Perhaps it is the natural fear of swarms that carries the scare from the screen to the viewer, or merely the occasional gory corpse left in a desert. Although this movie may be classified as a horror film, it is not of the common variety. Playing on natural fears instead of stereotypes, the scare factor is limited to a small group.

With a story interesting enough to capture the imagination, this is more appropriate for the drama/mystery audience, than a horror aficionado, however it may make a great compromise for mixed audiences. The dialogue is entertaining without being extreme, and only a few scenes are unsuitable for the more timid viewer. Unlikely to capture the interest of a young viewer, it would be appropriate for most teenage audiences.

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