Book Review “Imaginary Jesus” by Author Matt Mikalatos


Imaginary Jesus is different than any other book I have read in the Christian genre. It begins with the character Matt and his friend Jesus in a communist coffee shop. Pete (Apostle Peter from the Bible) comes in and claims Matt is friends with an imaginary Jesus. Jesus and the story take off.

As Matt chases his Jesus, Pete goes along and introduces him to more than just one imaginary Jesus. There is Conservative Truth Telling Jesus, Perpetually Angry Jesus, Liberal Social Services Jesus, Testosterone Jesus, and Legalist Jesus. And there is Harley Jesus, Freedom Jesus and Testosterone Jesus. Throughout the book Matt is bombarded by them all as they each try to establish validity. Pete explains to him that each Jesus is an imposter created as a person defines who they think Jesus is or should be. Matt must struggle to get rid of his false perceptions so he can build a true relationship with the real Jesus.

As a Christian, I found myself challenged to see how I define my personal relationship with Jesus. Do I see Jesus as He is according to the Bible or am I trying to mold him into an imaginary Jesus? Do I try to define Him as the one who should answer all my prayers like I want them answered and allow me to translate scripture as I deem correct – or comfortable? Do I associate myself with him only on Sunday mornings surrounded with fellow Christians or do I share Him with others through the week?

This book is almost too fact paced for me but is witty. I don’t think it should read as theology sound in all aspects but WARNING – you may squirm as you bump into a few Jesuses you know and are forced to ask yourself some very important questions about who Jesus is to you.

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