Book Review Immortal in Death by J D Robb

While in the planning stages for her wedding, Eve Dallas finds that one of her informants has been brutally murdered. On the trail of the killer and another murder happens, her best friend Mavis is the prime suspect and Eve must arrest her. Eve is divided with preparing for the wedding and clearing her friend’s name.

The case takes some pretty wild turns as one person after another is murdered. Eve learns it is all over a new drug called Immortality. The problem is it doesn’t bring about immortality, it will kill you in a matter of a few years and is highly addictive.

You will love the quick humor with Eve, Roarke, and the other characters’ say it like you mean it outlook. And it only gets better between Eve and Roarke because of their opposite personalities that just come together like two pieces of a puzzle. Through into that puzzle, their friends like Mavis, a singer who is just getting started in her career and Eve can’t seem to tell her she can’t stand her yelling that others call singing because Mavis is her friend.

Like the drug Immortality, this book is highly addicting. Nora Roberts writing as J D Robb has done a great job of weaving the different story lines together. Not much action in the story but still plenty of details and things happening to keep the reader on their toes. This is the third book in the In Death series and there are more great stories to come with Lieutenant Eve Dallas and Roarke.

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