Book Review: Spirit Bound by Christine Feehan

Spirit Bound is the second book in the Sisters of the Heart series by Queen of the Paranormal Romance and bestselling author, Christine Feehan. This second in the series tells the story about Judith Henderson and Stefan Prakenski. Stefan Prakenski, also known as Thomas Vincent, is the brother to Levi; the man we met previously in the first book in the series, Water Bound. Judith is a sister of the heart to the ladies that we will eventually all read about.

Stefan Prakenski; aka Thomas Vincent, is on a mission and nothing will get in his way to fulfill that mission. He has plans to do what is necessary and not even a beautiful woman will sway him from his duty. That is until he actually meets Judith, who is that beautiful woman. Stefan is undercover trying to recover something vitally important in Sea Haven and also trying to stay alive. He was sent to the area to recover that important item but quickly deduces that something else is afoot. His cover is also of a man interested in buying an art gallery and introduces himself to Judith herself. Immediately there is a connection and though they swore to not let outside forces intrude with their lives; it becomes apparent that they belong together.

It also becomes apparent that there is a killer out there; bent on killing him and his brother that he discovered was alive. So, as the love story between Stefan and Judith grows, so does the danger. We also find out more information about the other Sisters of the Heart sisters and how they are all connected to each other. Judith is a spirit element and she can help control the others in the group with their own powers. With Stefan in the mix; her powers grow more. There is also a matter of someone else wanting to destroy what they have and what they have to do in order to keep him at bay.

I enjoyed reading this book and did not see any problems with the book. I have read articles in which readers did not like this book, but as I said, I liked this book and enjoyed reading it. Christine Feehan always writes a good book and I was looking forward to this one since I knew it was coming out. This book intrigued me, as does the series that she is presenting, and I cannot wait for her next one to come out in the series. Well, for that matter, all her books that will be coming out in the coming year.

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