Books to Battle Depression

Richard Shames writes Thyroid Mind Power, a book that talks about how one in ten of Americans have a thyroid imbalance that can cause serious mental and emotional symptoms. Taking the condition of the damaged thyroid, the book talks about depression, anxiety, irritability, and other symptoms that can be caused by having this medical problem. The book talks about how one can find hidden reasons for mental symptoms and also find the best suitable treatments. Whether you feel moody or sleepy or on edge, you might find that there is a hidden reason for these feelings, one that very often has to do with a medical purpose. And once that is discovered, you can really find the treatment that is best for you in helping with the condition in the best way.

David D. Burns writes Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, a book that helps people recognize the specific causes of mood swings as well as helps to get rid of all negative feelings with positive methods not requiring drugs or any other kinds of medical means. Also, it helps you deal with any feelings of guilt, because very often, guilt can be the main trigger of dark or oppressively black feelings. The book also gives you tips on how to handle criticism that comes your way as well as to overcome your attachment and addictions to love or relationships or the need for approval, some major areas where a lack thereof can cause depression and grief. In sum, this book seeks to target the areas that cause depression and find emotional relief.

Nikolai Shevchuk writes How to Be Smart, a book that helps with improving mental abilities such as using different lifestyles that can help with mental functions. Also, it helps you find ways to experience great mirth and joy without the help of drugs and other things of things. You can also slow down and not make crazy decisions that can lead to bad consequences for others, and you can find way to sharpen your wit and become more entertaining which will help you feel better about yourself. You can also sharpen your mind by focusing on reading and writing during the day and all of this is meant to improve your lifestyle overall and help you get along with other people and yourself.

The Mindful Way Through Depression is by Mark Williams and it uses a way to use mindfulness as a way to both prevent and treat depression. No matter what kind of depression you struggle with or whether you just want to understand your mind better, this book will help you figure out how to achieve an emotional balance. If you are seeking to just learn about the downward turns of negative thinking and doubt, then you will be able to find tools in this book that help you do that.

Kay Redfield Jamison writes An Unquiet Mind, a book that discovers the creativity that is so often mistook for mental illness. She talks of her own manic depression as well as the benefits that she gets, such as the madness of pain, elation, loneliness, truth, and a variety of other features that come out of it. Her book and her ability to live with her condition is an inspiration to all people suffering with the condition.

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