Bookshelves for Kid’s Room

Books can be a man’s best source of knowledge. Introducing your kids to the world of books is the best gift you can ever give them. The first step of inculcating the habit of reading books in a kid is by letting him or her have some for themselves. And while handing over books to kids, you should make sure that they have enough space to keep them. It is never a waste of money or space if you build bookshelves for kids ‘ rooms.

Just building bookshelves for kids’ rooms will not attract them to books. That is not enough to motivate them to read. The books you choose should be age appropriate and interesting. For example, for a small kid, who goes to kindergarten, the best books to give are those with short stories, big pictures and simple language. As the kid gets older, you can replace those books with ones that have deeper contents.

Since a book shelf is going to be a one-time investment, it is better to build one that is quite tall so that even when the kid grows op it need not be replaced. At a small age, the number of books required is little and also the ability of a kid to choose a book is limited. So it is better to place the books in such a way that the cover page of the book is easily visible to the kid. Kids usually recognize the books from the pictures. This way, even if you build large shelves for the coming years, the whole space will look filled up and colorful. It is also good to place one or two soft toys in the shelf to make it look very attractive to the kids.

A lot of space saving measures can be taken up while building bookshelves for kids ‘ rooms. In small homes, space saving is very important. As kids love bunk beds, ways to make the room fun are being looked into. There are bunk beds with proper steps to the upper bed and not a ladder. In such cases, every step will have a small draw that can be used as a kid’s bookshelf . There are bunk beds, where lower part is usually a table and other storage space for books. However it is build, the most important thing to take into consideration while building bookshelves for kids’ rooms is that it should create an interest in the kids to know more about the world of words.

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