Border Agent Jesus Diaz Case Re-opened

Border Patrol Agent Jesus Diaz is now serving a 2 year prison term for “lifting” the handcuffs on an illegal drug smuggler. It appears that Border Agents are restrained both legally and physically to do their jobs. The facts of this case reveals blatant injustice to our own laws designed to protect us. It gives preference to foreign citizens in the areas of immunity and prosecution putting our own law enforcement officers at risk of being prosecuted for crimes that are fabricated, twisted in facts and essential details withheld to show the entire scenario that took place that night for Agent Diaz who was doing his job.

One courageous American Congressman, Duncan. Hunter from California, writes a letter to the U.S. Attorney General regarding this matter. In his letter he writes to Mr. Eric Holder, “there are striking similarities between the Ramos and Compean cases” and that of Jesus Diaz. The Congressman makes an excellent point where he strongly suggested to the Attorney’ General “this incident involving Agent Diaz would have been far best suited for an administrative decision.” This House member of the 52 nd District of California and member of the Armed Services committee stated firmly in his letter other concerns. He also noted this action was “disproportionate” regarding the prison term and indicated that perhaps he suspects the politically influenced factors are the reasons for the high profile prosecution of this border agent adding a strong message to the U.S. Attorney’s office that states “I hope that you will think about what this type of decision means to those protecting our borders” indicating the potential internal damage it can do to the entire agency of borderland lawmen and women who serve to protect our country on the thin blue line of justice and freedom.

Political pressure from the Mexican government initiated this political hangman game with willful players going along to remain politically correct with the DOJ’s informal policy of amnesty for the criminal but disciplinary and prosecution for the lawman. Officer Diaz had already been cleared by his internal affairs officers and after Mexico lodged this complaint, the DOJ and officials from the US Attorney’s office, along with the help of a federal judge, engaged in creative writing, character assassination, political promises of immunity to testify false testimony, ignored all other reports clearing this officer and proceeded to find a scapegoat for their own failures on border control and maintaining the integrity of our borders.


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