Boycott Toys R Us: They Are Selling a Doll that Curses

What is wrong with Toys R Us? They are selling a set of triplet dolls that curse. It is plain to hear at least one of the dolls say “bitch.” Toys R Us does not plan on taking the doll off of the market. One woman who was interviewed said that kids would not pick up on it. What? What is wrong with Toys R Us?
I will boycott their store. I do not know who manufacturers this toy. I do know that children are already exposed to a lot more filth and profanity than they should be, which is any but it is constantly being thrown in their faces. A toy company that would intentionally make a toy for children that uses expletives should be banned.

You can see the doll and the video at the above link. Toys R Us can be assured that I will never buy anything from them again. Any store that sells that doll will not have my business.
Is our world getting so desensitized that people think that this is okay? Do they think that it is funny? I don’t. We are very careful about the language that we use in our house or anywhere else for that matter. I am not perfect and have a tendency to get a little loose-lipped when I am angry. Our three-year old son, years ago was frustrated with a toy and said very expressively, “damnit.” I know that it was my fault. I told him very apologetically that that was not a word that was “okay” to use.

We need to be especially careful around children. I don’t want anyone, child or not to associate me with using unacceptable language. To think that I would want my child or anyone else’s to have a baby doll that uses the word bitch is totally unacceptable. Please be very careful about what you innocently buy for your children. You never know what disgusting thing you might be bringing into your house or into the house of other loved ones.

Please boycott Toys R Us and show them how outraged you are by this profanity spewing doll.

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