Bracelets with Buttons and Beads

Beaded bracelets can be created in many different ways. With countless colors and bead styles, the options are virtually limitless. Add buttons to the design and they become even more unique and visually appealing. Use these creative ideas for making bracelets with buttons and beads, and create fun themed jewelry that can be sold, worn or given as gifts to family and friends.

Make Frog and Flower Bracelets

Frogs and flowers are a great combination. To make frog and flower bracelets with buttons and beads, buy a package of frog and flower buttons in color and styles of your choice along with iridescent seed beads. You will also need stretchy cord and super glue. Consult the photo for details.

Begin by making a knot in a piece of stretchy cord of the appropriate length. Add a drop of glue to the knot to hold it securely in place. Once the glue dries, string six to eight seed beads and a frog button. Add six or eight additional seed beads and a flower button. Continue this process of adding buttons and beads until the bracelets are complete. Secure the knots with drops of super glue for added strength. Wear two or more bracelets wound around one another. These frog and flower bracelets are cute and exceptionally eye-catching, and I receive many compliments on the pictured set.

Make Bracelets with Kitty and Bow Buttons

When looking for theme ideas for bracelets made with buttons and beads, consider kitty buttons with pretty button bows. Cut stretchy cord to the appropriate length. Tie a knot and secure it with super glue. Allow it to dry completely. Alternate pretty iridescent seed beads with kitty buttons and buttons that look like bows. Complete two bracelets made with kitty buttons, seed beads and bows, and add drops of super glue to the final knots. Once it dries, wrap the two bracelets around each other. This fun costume jewelry is sure to garner many compliments.

Make Bracelets with Buttons of Any Subject

Search a local craft store, or shop online for buttons in a subject of your choice. As previously described, alternate eye-catching seed beads with themed buttons and button combinations of your choice. Always secure the knots with super glue and wind two or more bracelets together for an interesting and stylish new look. With the number of button themes available and a little imagination, absolutely anything is possible.

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