Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Nobody wants to be the one giving an engaged couple their third blender. Even with a wedding registry to guide you, purchasing just the right bridal shower gift can be a tricky task. Maybe you want something more personal than a random picking off their registry. Maybe you want to choose another more sentimental gift to supplement the toaster you already bought. Some couples might only register at stores you don’t have easy access to, or forgo registering altogether, leaving you with plenty of guesswork to do.

Personalized Gift Ideas

You might be surprised how many run-of-the-mill wedding shower gifts can be personalized for the bride or couple. Many couples ask for towels on their registry; go the extra mile and get their initials embroidered on them. Other common requests that could easily be personalized are plates and glassware. Picture frames are always a popular bridal shower gift, and engraving the wedding date on the frame will make it all the more special. Shopping online makes personalizing a breeze: think toothbrush holders, soaps or aprons.

When ordering a personalized gift, shoppers will sometimes order something similar to a registry item. Bridal shower gift etiquette teaches that these items should not remain open on the list, or a couple might start receiving duplicates. Some stores will remove an item with a message from you, but others will require the couple’s request.

Sentimental Gift Ideas

Some couples already have all the practical tools needed for their everyday life together. This is especially true for older couples who have been living on their own for several years. Instead of buying them yet another bedroom set, consider buying or creating something that will have lasting sentimental value for years to come. These can make some of the best bridal shower gifts. Find a colorful piece of artwork that reminds you of the couple or their wedding day, or a romantic book of poetry. If you are musical, record a love song that you plan to also perform at the wedding. If you are feeling less creative, a bottle of wine can do the trick. Choose a brand that ages well and let them know it’s for their 10 year anniversary.

Gift Ideas for the Honeymoon

These gifts are also perfect for couples that already have their practical needs met. If the couple is planning on a honeymoon cruise you can pre-purchase an offshore excursion through the cruise line. For land-based honeymoons, you can make dinner reservations in the couple’s name and provide them with a gift card to a romantic restaurant. If the couple is honeymooning in a big city, consider buying them theater tickets or a private museum tour.

Last Minute Ideas

Many people fear that cash gifts are tacky. Most couples actually prefer cash. If you wake up one morning and realize you forgot about someone’s bridal shower, stick a few bills in an envelope. The couple will sincerely thank you for it. Another option is to order something from an online registry, and print out the order confirmation to give the bride at the shower.

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