Buget Wall Hangings for an Old-Fashioned Kitchen

A kitchen with old-fashioned charm is not nearly as charming when new items are used instead of antique decor. Realistic replicas are available, but they lack the wear and tear of actual items from the past. I have been collecting budget wall hangings for my old-fashioned kitchen, and none of them are new. Some were passed down by elderly relatives and others were found at flea markets and yard sales. They all have one thing in common. The wall hangings I plan to use as decor once held a valuable purpose, and although I will not use them for their intended function, they will embellish my old-fashioned kitchen beautifully.

Hang a Wooden Checkerboard on a Bare Wall

Checkerboards were not always made from cardboard. The checkerboards of days gone by were made from solid wood, and the squares were painted. When looking for budget wall hangings for an old-fashioned kitchen, consider a real checkerboard from the early twentieth century. I am saving a checkerboard that belonged to my great grandfather, and although it is obviously worn, it will look fantastic on my wall. Even though it has dulled over the years, it will add color old-fashioned charm.

Use Eye-Catching Kitchen Tools as Wall Hangings

When looking for budget wall hangings for an old-fashioned kitchen consider antique kitchen tools. I have been watching for budget items of interest at flea markets and online, and I have been scouring yard sales. I recently found an oversized antique cheese grater, a set of old wooden spoons and a unique handmade wooden cutting board. I plan on creating a focal point on a bare kitchen wall with my old-fashioned treasures.

Hang a Wooden Shelf and Fill it with Simple Pottery

One of my favorite antique kitchen items is a small beige crock that once belonged to my grandmother. Tabletop items such as this can be turned into budget wall hangings when placed on shelves. I have an old-fashioned baker’s shelf designed from wood and wrought iron, and when decorating my kitchen I will use it as a display place for my grandmother’s crock, a small whiskey jug and a pretty little vintage pitcher.

Do not get in a hurry when trying to locate budget wall hangings for an old-fashioned kitchen. Take your time, and look for eye-catching vintage pieces that will add charm and appeal. I have spent years collecting budget wall hangings and other items for the kitchen I plan to design and decorate in my future home.

Source: Personal Decorating and Design Experience

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