Business and Education – Why Do You Need YouTube in China

It’s still very popular to watch YouTube in China, despite it being blocked some time ago. YouTube offers more than just entertainment these days, and many teachers, businesses, and individuals use it for “real” work. However, with a Chinese IP address, you simply won’t be able to get YouTube in China. What most people are doing now to prevent this problem is changing their IP address through the use of a proxy or VPN service.

There are hundreds of English teachers that come to China every year looking to work in an explore China for a period of time. Using video in the classroom is still a very new concept to China, which is still implementing tradition methods of learning – rote memorization and tons of homework. However, because of the smaller class sizes of English Training Schools (as opposed to public school), and the availability of resources like computers and modern educational techniques, YouTube in China, and YouTube in the classroom go hand in hand. What better way to introduce English to students but by using fun and entertaining videos to teach? Also, with a shortage of native English speakers in China, students being able to access YouTube videos from school and home means that they have an infinite source of native English speakers available on the Internet!

YouTube is important for business as well. Not just for pure advertising techniques, but for training videos, tutorials, free previews, and other way to get your name out there or provide better service to your customers can all be accomplished with a few easy to make and upload videos. However, a huge chunk of the business market is gone when you exclude China. Though the amount of businesses marketing to English speakers in China may be small, it is a market that is sure to grow in the future. Being able to access YouTube in China with a proxy or VPN service for business reasons should not be underestimated.

Both proxies and VPNs work to change the IP address of the computer or phone you’re using. By rerouting your Internet traffic to a server located in The US or The UK (or any place that doesn’t censor the Internet) to change your IP address, you adopt the IP of that server location, and your Chinese ISP will no longer see you on their network. Encryption and tunneling protocols mean that you will be invisible to your ISP network, or any other network (ie public wifi) that you belong to. Website that you visit will also thing that you’re location is that of the third part server.

Whether or not we’ll be able to get YouTube in China without a proxy/VPN in the future is possible or not is still up in the air. However, a fast and easy solution for the time being is to subscribe to one of these services.

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