Buying Diamonds in Amsterdam, Holland

Buying Diamonds in Amsterdam was introduced by a friend while visiting Holland for the North Sea Jazz Festival. Known as the major diamond center as far back as the 16th century, the popular city is home to many diamond factories and equally as many fine diamond stores. Even if you aren’t really interested in buying a diamond, the visit to the diamond factories and the Diamond Museum is still fun and educational.

Why buy diamonds in Amsterdam? Part of the lure of purchasing diamonds in Amsterdam is the history associated with it in addition to the quality of diamond and the background of the diamond. Jewelers in Amsterdam are very well educated on diamonds and take the time to inform a buyer to insure the purchase is one the buyer is happy with.

First take the tour at any one of the factories such as Gassan, Kostel, Amstel and others to get an understanding of the process that goes into creating the finished product. Held daily during normal business hours the tours include showing tourists how the diamonds are cut and polished as well as providing information on mining. Another excellent place to visit is the Diamond Museum which is next door to Coster Diamonds.

Overall if you are interesting in acquiring a fine diamond as well as knowing exactly w here your diamond came from then Amsterdam is the ideal place to go to buy a diamond. Where the diamonds purchased in Amsterdam are not necessarily less in cost than other locations, they are also not necessarily higher. What you will find is a high quality diamond, the history of the diamond, and a good diamond purchase at a very competitive price.

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