By Day, by Night

By day I gracelessly stagger before passerby waving a plastic cup for spare change

By night I am a vivacious expression dancer and I perform as if every night were my last

By day I am a wizard at constructing a box as shelter and covering

By night I am an architect with prestigiously designed buildings alighting lofty skylines

By day I am without name, without face

By night the Silver Screen is my dominion, and I am renowned by great and small

By day I draw hopscotch boxes for the children who happen by

By night I am a fearless artist with the most coveted paintings on the black market

By day I frighten people away with my measly mutterings and cantankerous mumblings

By night I sing exploding operettas with a dynamic orchestra of human consciousness

By day I occupy futile space on a public bench and dream of what could be

By night I am the extraordinary engineer of those dear fantastic dreams

By day I am afraid of the scornful judging eye of my fellow man

By night I quite impartially oversee the rulings of the highest court in the land

By day I am small, easily missed, not of much consequence to anyone

By night I am an intrepid giant of a man with a terrifyingly remarkable strength

By day I am a most pitiful, worn, lonely soul

By night I robustly enjoy meals with genuinely loving and caring kinfolk and friends

By day the pain I carry is invisible, the hurt I know is intangible and unintelligible

By night I heal the sick and the ailing outspread on my surgical table

By day I am untouchable, an outcast shunned by all

By night I am a benevolent philanthropist giving of my time and resources to those who live without

By day I am a bum

By night I am human

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