Can Homeschoolers Get a Diploma and Go to College?

Absolutely! In fact, homeschool students have access to many more scholarships, grants, and contests than non-homeschooling students. The misnomer is that homeschoolers suffer greatly when it comes to the number of scholarships offered and the colleges accepting homeschool students. However, the truth is quite the contrary.

Before the homeschooling trend first came to the forefront in the late 1970s and 80s, it was true that most colleges wouldn’t accept students who hadn’t attended a state funded public school or a religious private school. It’s also true that most states, even where homeschooling was legally allowed, didn’t make it publicly known. Generally, their concern was losing government funding since the amount they’d receive was based on the number of students enrolled. The fewer number of students attending, the less government funding they’d receive. Therefore, public schools saw the homeschool movement as being competition, and rather than help or encourage homeschooling families, they quietly tolerated the practice.

Today however, colleges and institutions recognize the positive impact home teaching has made on students. Although, as with anything, there are always a few bad examples who denigrate the rest, the vast majority of homeschoolers far exceed their public school counterparts when it comes to college requirements, both in academics and in character. This is primarily due to their dedicated parents, but also in part to the availability of the immeasurable numbers of curriculum and teaching aids.

In the same respect, there are scholarships, grants, and contests that are designed and available to homeschool students only. At the same time, homeschoolers can also apply for the same scholarships, grants, and contests that are offered to public school students. As a result, the options for homeschooling families are much greater. Although I won’t endorse one curriculum or website over another, I will give you some starting points where you can begin.

Both at and at you will find a wide array of scholarships that your high school students can apply for, and contests they can enter to earn monetary amounts that can be applied to college. Dates when they expire and qualifications are also listed there to help determine eligibility, as well as the amount of the scholarship amounts which range from $25 to $50,000.

If getting a diploma is an issue, one satellite school that has had very high reviews in the past is Christian Liberty Academy based in Arlington, Illinois. They offer options to homeschooling families concerning curriculum, administration of it, and grading. They give accredited diplomas that are welcomed at any college, they’ll send the first transcript free to any college a student applies to, and they even encourage homeschooling satellite students to take part in their graduation ceremony. In general, you’ll receive an excellent Christian-based curriculum and good service for a great price when compared to others.

So, if you’ve been afraid to homeschool thinking your children won’t have the same opportunities as others, that they can’t earn a diploma, or that they won’t be accepted by their choice college, lay it to rest. The truth is, not only is homeschool better for character building, it will benefit them even after they’ve left the nest.

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