Can I Date a Young Ukrainian Bride

Many men who decide to search the internet for Russian and Ukrainian brides often wonder why a girl of 20-25 will be interested in dating with a 45 year old plus man, to some this may seem a little strange, but there are a few reasons for this.

Many Russian women prefer an older wiser man, who has had some life experiences and is more settle led in life. Many younger Russian men are irresponsible, drink considerably and often take drugs.

Statistics show that 50-60 percents of marriages in Russia break within first three years of the union. Many women end up leaving the relationship with children, as well as disappointment in men of their age from their home country. As a result, they turn to foreign men who are older and expect them to be more courteous, wise and caring. Many become disillusioned with men from their own country and set a gaol to marry a foreign man.

There is also a psychological reason younger women will go with an older man, many girls grow up in “incomplete” families and are often abandoned by their fathers, when they search for a relationship, on a subconscious level they lean more towards an older man, often searching for a Father figure without realising it, they consider an older man a protector, provider and security for them something many young Russian women have never had.

Russian women are often married by the age of 24, if they are not many Russian men consider them as old maids Although such pressure is getting less in the current days, however many Russian women have got married at a young age only to regret it

But you should always remember: true love has no boundaries. If you find someone who seems attractive and interests you as a person, be daring and take a chance, many men who have gone out searching for russian brides have found a young women and have had a long and happy marriage, age difference often will not cause any problems if both partners are of the same mentality and have the same interests.

Best of luck in your searches.

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