Can John Edwards Resuscitate His Defense Post Heart Surgery?

Another round of courtroom drama surfaces as North Carolina debates whether John Edwards heart doctor unleashed operation decoy. Three times the charm? This would be the third time Edwards case has been delayed. This is the first time a delay involved a surgical procedure.

Edwards was known as the once top plaintiffs’ attorney after he took doctor after doctor to court for his clients and the American Red Cross settled three times on other occasions. Let’s hope Edwards’ doctor doesn’t screw this heart procedure up. Edwards would not be the attorney in that trial but he knows how to manage a court case. A lot better than he managed his personal affairs.

In the past John Edwards had four children, lost a son, had contributions, lost support, had an affair, lost a campaign, had another child, lost a wife, and now he has a heart condition. He could lose in this trial. Edwards attracts more drama than Lifetime television. Trouble in paradox? Edwards is scheduled to receive a February surgical treatment for his heart condition – during Heart Month – a month in celebrating Valentine’s Day.

The “serious” heart condition skips a courtroom beat as Judge Catherine Eagles of U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina confirms Edwards’ trial must be delayed due to the scheduled heart surgery. As much as pitchfork holders would love to see Edwards suffer there is something they should know.

Edwards has been advised to “drive lesser distances” and to “avoid long hearings” according to doctors as explained by the judge. After seeking a third local opinion it appears that News Observer nailed the description of this “potentially” fatal condition. There’s a top chamber section and a bottom chamber section of the heart that should pump in sync. John’s heart issue involves an off-sync issue. Sure, many Americans suffer from a rhythm issue and it does not always deem as life-threatening. However, don’t let that fool you.

According to our family cardiologist, rumored fears of a potential stroke or blood clot threat can be justified. Blood clots can damage or kill if the clot enters the wrong area. Strokes can leave a person handicapped for life. That is if they survive. Some get lucky and have strokes with such little damage if any damage at all.

A pace maker and defibrillator are used if a heart condition is somewhat complex and cannot be controlled by simple treatment. My father’s life was prolonged for years thanks to his defibrillator. The first step to taking care of a heart condition is to try medication and treatment. Most doctors do not run straight to pace makers and defibrillators.

If untreated Edwards very well could grab his chest one day and shout, “Elizabeth, I’m coming to join you!” He may be disappointed when he finds that his beloved (ex)-wife Elizabeth traveled north and he could be headed south.

Irony in a bucket.

The past presidential candidate and U.S. senator escaped the wrath of Westboro Baptist Church members at his wife’s funeral. The radical church group picketed Elizabeth Edwards (my local report) without mentioning the endless activities of dear John. Edwards is still alive. Westboro “sees” dead people. John Edwards’ funeral, most likely, would be the Westboro Baptist Church party of the year. Do not expect everyone in Raleigh to counter-attack that funeral. However, have a heart.

Google “John Edwards heart condition called” and you may find his opposition. “Yeah, Edwards has a condition alright. It’s called remorse.” “Yeah, he has a heart condition called prisonitis.” Since the condition is common many jump to the “get out of courtroom drama” free card without knowing the entire story.

Story behind the story?

Edwards is accused of sifting out $1 million from campaign supporters for his love child’s mother, Rielle Hunter. Contributions that allegedly never made it to the campaign. Never made it. That’s 1 million reasons why campaign contributors are hesitant to filter funds into campaigns.

Department of Justice (DOJ) conducted a two year investigation involving Edwards campaign contributions in connection with Hunter, a woman who began the affair by telling Edwards he was hot then called him up from a nearby phone to spark his interest. Locals chalk Hunter up as the perfect last name. And what kind of hunter doesn’t seek some form of prey?

In June Edwards faced an indictment of six felony charges (four involving campaign contributions, one involving a false statement and the sixth? One count of conspiracy. The North Carolina grand jury has opened the doors to a possible 30 year prison term with a $1.5 million fine for Edwards. All due to Edwards having a heart for his Hunter.

Edwards lives in the heart of Carolina with a heart condition after years of a half-hearted marriage and a whole-hearted affair. The campaign contributors used to have heart too – once upon a time.

As for the trial skipping a beat, the next scheduled date is for March 26. So, can Edwards resuscitate his defense? That depends if the judge has heart enough to resuscitate the law instead.

(Accessed: 1/23/12)

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