Can Too Much Worrying Ruin Your Relationship?

In this economy, who isn’t worried about something? A friend of mine who works at a pharmacy tells me you wouldn’t believe how many people are on some kind of anti-anxiety medication.

Sure, you may think your anxiety is your own problem. But really, it’s not. You could be hurting your partner without even knowing it. A recent study by Case Western Reserve University says that excessive worrying could endanger your relationship. Because if you have anxiety, you might be clinging to your partner too much out of worry, or detaching yourself completely. Either way, something has to change.

How to Make Sure Your Anxiety Doesn’t Affect Your Partner:

Learn how to deal with stress in positive ways. Take a yoga class; learn how to meditate. But whatever you do, don’t take your stress out on your partner. Sure, we are all guilty of that once in a while. But if it is constant, your significant other won’t even want to be around you. So, when you’re feeling particularly anxious, tell your guy calmly that you are in a bad mood and to give you some alone time. And try not to snap. Again, I don’t know anyone who has never snapped at their husbands. But if you warn him ahead of time, he will get the idea that no, this is not the time to discuss an overdue bill or schedule a time for your mother in law to come over. Apologize. If you do act really nasty to your guy, don’t just forget about it and move on. Say you’re sorry. Believe me, if you don’t, he’ll begin to resent you, and the problem will resurface later on. Tell him what happened and why you’re in a bad mood. No, that doesn’t excuse blowing up at someone. But it does make you human. Get help. If you are overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, seek therapy before this problem gets out of hand. And if he’ll agree, couples counseling will help you both cope better under stressful circumstances. Marriage counselors would rather see couples in therapy well before the conflicts become insurmountable.

And finally, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Is this problem worth ruining my relationship over?” Likely it’s something little that became a big problem only because it grew in your mind. Remember, most men love to solve problems. They feel like they’re needed. So instead of blowing up, ask your guy to help you work on a solution…together.

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