Candystand.Com V. Pogo.Com v.

Online gaming sites have become popular over the years. There are many different variations to the websites that are available. Hundreds of games are online awaiting for you to play. and are just two of the websites out there. Out of these two sites you do not have to pay for membership. Pogo has two different membership options. Pogo has a club membership which requires you to pay to be a member of.

What are the benefits of both gaming websites? benefits- is a gaming site that offers members a great deal of games to choose from. My friend introduced me to this site and I absolutely love it. It is incredible. On I have really enjoyed playing games such as bowling and pool.

Yes you can find these on Pogo probably. However on you can customize it to your own preference, which gives the game a whole new atmosphere. You can win prizes and trophies on this website. benefits-

Pogo has many games. Members play to win actual cash prizes. Every game has its own cash prize, the values are all different. If nobody wins, the prize goes up. Word womp is an interesting game. It is educational and loads of fun. The basis of the game is to unscramble the letters and form different words. It isn’t as easy it may sound. There are words that may not seem real words to you and I.

Pogo has chats available in each game room. You can choose to have it on or not. Pogo is a good site to play games. Word womp isn’t the only game available. There are more such as solitaire, black jack, pop it, and so many more.

I find to be more unique and to have a larger game collection. Games on can be customized to your liking. is a much better gaming site to play. It is well worth the time to take a glance at the gaming site.

Most or all Pogo games are single players. offers members and guests the opportunity to play either single or multiplayer games. Do not take my word for it, give them both a try and see which one you will like better.

Which gaming site will you choose to play over and over again? It maybe a hard to decision to make.

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