Capricorn 2012 Year Ahead Forecasts

Positive thinking can do wonders! Emphasis on your sign at the start of the year tells you that there’s no end to what you can accomplish if you believe in yourself strongly enough. Once you have set your sights and made your New Year resolutions, don’t let anything stand in your way. And Capricorn, be ready to open the door the moment opportunity knocks.

As the year begins, your advice or opinion will be asked for, by other family members and your attention is brought to a problem that has been kept quiet in the past. This may well get you all talking about future plans you had been seriously considering when the full story highlights the actual risks involved.

Mars in your travel zone during the first half of 2012 suggests a number of possibilities including travel or taking up some form of further education. Certainly your thoughts will be on the future and there will be a lot of serious planning going on.

There are signs that an older male relative will be going through a bit of a difficult time around March and this will affect everyone in the family in one way or another. As a Capricorn your home and family life mean a lot to you. And whether this little problem involves a house-move, a separation or a major financial hurdle, you must do your best to keep all the family looking on the bright side.

Letters or e-mails will be urgent in nature in July so be sure to open them as and when they arrive. News concerning your partner or a very close friend could involve a spur-of-the-moment meeting or interview. The results of which will take you both down new avenues of experience

Travel with friends will help broaden your outlook in many different ways mid-2012 so get out and about and have some fun. Late in August efforts made to keep friends or neighbours happy will call for patience but if you dig deeply enough, you’ll find it.

In November and December, the temptation to spend just cannot be ignored when you are certain that someone else will snap up a good bargain if you don’t. This could mean you will have to find an excuse to justify this purchase especially if you and your partner are trying to economise!

You will no doubt find a way to charm them into agreeing with your line of thinking. You will make some good decisions in the winter and your good judgement will continue to the end of the year. But you will need to be patient when someone else makes a bit of a blunder. Plans at the end of the year call for moderation otherwise overdoing-it could have uncomfortable consequences

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