Cardboard Hangers

Why do people think that hangers have to be wooden, plastic, or metal? Sure, hangers need to be sturdy enough to hold garments, but other materials work well, too. Hangers haven’t changed that much over centuries – just the material the hangers are made out of have varied. But we’ve overlooked one material we can use to make hangers and we don’t even need any machinery to mold them. You can make hangers that are actually very stunning when you use ordinary cardboard.

We all have lots of cardboard in our lives. We receive cardboard boxes in the mail, or we buy a product and it comes in a cardboard box, so most people have a cardboard source sometime throughout the year. If you have some thick cardboard at your house you can make the most unusual yet pretty closet hangers.

A carpet-cutting knife is a good choice for cutting thick cardboard. Use a hanger that you already have as a pattern. The hanger must be an ordinary one – not a pants hanger with clips. Lay the hanger on the cardboard and draw around it. Stay a couple of inches away from the hanger as you draw the shape so that your finished hanger is thick. Make sure the hook, in particular, is much thicker than a regular hanger. Don’t draw and cut out the center shape for most hangers; leaving it intact makes a much stronger hanger. With really thick cardboard, though, you can cut out the center of the hanger, and make a version that can hold pants, belts, and more.

It can be challenging to neatly cut out the hanger shapes but don’t worry so much about that. If needed, you can sand the flaws away using regular sandpaper – and it doesn’t take long to sand cardboard.

Cardboard hangers are actually very sturdy but not so attractive. You can cover the front and back of the hangers – hooks and all – with fabric or even adhesive paper. Cover both sides and, if you want, glue cord around the edges to conceal them.

Use the cardboard hangers just as you would any other hangers. They’re great for sweaters, shirts, dresses, kids’ clothes, and even baby fashions. Make all of the hangers to match or use different fabric and/or paper to make an assortment of designs. The cardboard hangers might not be indestructible, like most hangers, but you’ll definitely have them around for years. The best thing about the cardboard hangers? They don’t get entangled!
Cardboard Hangers

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