Case for Ron Paul: Liberty Versus Control and Oppression

Ron Paul is emerging as one of the most influential candidates to ever run for President. Indeed, with his libertarian message about limited government and a non-interventionist foreign policy, the media is confounded about how to come up with a narrative to describe the good country doctor’s success thus far in this Republican nominating process. By arguing that Dr. Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy views and views about ending the federal war on drugs are outside the mainstream of the Republican Party, the media attempts to dismiss his candidacy at all costs. Perhaps the very message of liberty threatens the established institutions on which the mainstream media thrives.

Moreover, the message of liberty, if unconstrained, challenges the central concept of control, and brings into question the degree to which governing elite institutions in our society should attempt to control human thought processes to influence human behavior in an attempt to produce predictable outcomes. Today we are so accustomed to receiving our news and analysis through the lens of the mainstream media. The so-called panel of experts provide us with opinions on who is best positioned to lead the country and who will best represent the will of the people before voting ever begins to take place. When we are less controlled and possess more liberty to freely employ our God-given faculties of reason and logic to make strategic and rational decisions both politically and economically, we, as a nation, will reap the benefits of a more efficient, free and prosperous free enterprise system centered on market based principles. As a result of our own individual decisions, no special interest groups connected to the well-established elitist run government can claim special privileges and economic advantages in any certain sector of the economy, and every American will be afforded the same information, freedom and opportunity to utilize his or her God-given talents to exploit American resources.

After all, the founders envisioned a free, libertarian based society, which is the complete opposite of the control based American society that we have drifted to today. Today, our governing body and leading institutions use more control than ever in virtually every aspect to influence every decision of our lives.
For instance, the American media attempts to think for the American public and choose our elected officials before one vote is even cast. Our welfare state has grown so large that a large percentage of our citizens is now dependent on some form of assistance from the government. However, this government assistance comes with strings attached, thus conceding some level of government control over our lives.

The Founders provided us a Constitution to protect and defend our liberties from tyrannical government control and those who will do us harm, but they never envisioned a Government that would create more laws for the accumulation of power and control at the expense of our individual liberty and freedom. For instance, on issues of moral issues, why should we assume that the government can influence our moral behavior and legislate morality, when in fact, our elected officials have to inevitably face the same moral questions in the daily lives as everyone else? Should we trust legislators to decide the ultimate righteousness of every outcome of every one of our decisions?

Finally, there is a direct correlation with our expanded empire, expanded control and and our economic situation. As we attempt to control and influence more of the world’s resources, we are left with less funds to provide for the basic infrastructure and needs to service our nation. As a result, we spend more than we take in and the working class taxpayer continues to be charged with the bill for our mounting debt. Also, in times of war, the Government attempts to unnecessarily impose on your personal civil liberties by passing bills such as the Patriot Act. Most recently, the National Defense Authorization Act is being pushed, which enables the government to arrest and detain American citizens unconstitutionally if only suspected of being a terrorist.

Therefore, there is only one candidate in the race for the Republican nomination with a message for less government control across the board. If we are to overcome our debt crisis, then we must elect a President who understands that free minds in uncontrolled environments with a government in place that defends such freedom are best suited to exchange and advance ideas, engineer products, innovate, create jobs and launch our economy to new heights. I believe the Presidential candidate who can best restore America to a free and prosperous society, effectively reversing years of expanding government control, is Dr. Ron Paul.

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