Celebrating 60 Years of Miss Universe: 37th Miss Universe 1988 Taipei (Taiwan/ROC). History!

Taipei is chosen to host the international pageant by the US-based Miss Universe Organization, putting Taiwan/Republic of China (ROC) on the world stage. The island, on the other hand, is one of the most dynamic economies on the Planet. The next edition of the event will be held in Cancun, on Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

2. Before competing at MU 1988, seven South American candidates (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay) make a trip to Lima (Peru) to compete at the VII Miss South America. But none of them qualified for the second round on Taiwan’s capital.

3. Mexico’s exotic beauty Amanda Olivares makes history: She becomes the only “Latino” to qualify for the last round (where four out of five finalists are from Asia), finishing in third place, which served as an inspiration for many young Mexicans and helped invigorate the national contest, Miss Mexico. Since then, the North American republic had been captivated by Miss Universe pageant. Olivares is a native of Puebla.

4. Because of Taiwan’s poor international status, some countries and territories don’t participate in the contest, reducing the number of participating delegates to 66, the lowest number since 1974. The island is not recognized by UN and a host of countries.

5. The Kingdom of Thailand breaks Latin America’s monopoly in Miss Universe, and wins the global event in Taiwan, a leaf-shaped island in Far East. Black-haired Porntip Nakhirunkanok, who speaks fluent English, was crowned by 1987 MU Cecilia Bolocco. Nakhirunkanok became proficient in English when she studied in California.

6.Days before Porntip Nakhirunkanok is crowned MU, she wins the Best National Costume.
7.The International jury show a preference for women from Far East. Most of the MUP’s finalists are from Far East (Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Thailand).

8. The first all-Asian MU final: Thailand vs South Korea. It is a history-making day for the continent.

9. In the Olympic year (the Summer Games are held every four years) the Republic of South Korea — the 1988 Olympic host which spent more than $ 3 billion to hold one of the most successful multi-sport events of the modern era — comes close to winning the universal pageant. Vice Miss Universe 1988 Chang Yoom-jeong is South Korea’s first greatest beauty queen.

10. Chile -winner in 1987– is unable to qualify for the semi-finals.

11.Because of her big performance at Miss World 1987, Miss Iceland travels to Taipei, but she is disqualified in the first round.

12.Guam re-captures Miss Amity title! The American island showed a remarkable two-year run between 1985 and 1986.

13.Host country Taiwan returns to the international pageant with Jade Hu Fei-Tsui, but it does not enter into the semi-finals, ushering in a long period of decline.The last global competition it had taken part in was the 1964 MU, where finishing fifth.

14.Miss Brazil’s win in Miss South America 1988 is no guarentee she’ll make it in Miss Universe. Despite having won one of the most important contests in Latin America, Miss Brazil Isabel Cristina Beduschi does not make the semis in the Republic of China. Prior to arriving to Taipei, she left Brazil for Lima (Peru) to participate in Miss SA, becoming the first Brazilian to win it.

15.After being regarded as one of the top contenders, Miss Dominican Republic Patricia Jimenez does not make the finals.

16.The Thai government has invited Porntip Nakhirunkanok to be its Goodwill Ambassador.

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