Celebrities Getting Too Much from Us?

American pop artists have risen with large success in the United States and all across the globe. Their influence has such a powerful stronghold on modern day music listeners that it isn’t unusual to see a young girl dressed up like her favorite singer (like Hannah Montana) on Halloween or for a woman to want to change her appearance so she looks like her favorite idol. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if our respect for celebrities has really gone too far.

Over the years, it’s been made very clear that female celebrities like to show off their bodies. This has undeniably left many of us wondering how they can be so confident with themselves and why they were the only ones born with a perfectly sized chest and spotless, gorgeous legs. Go find a picture of any celebrity. Now, take a step back and look at yourself in the mirror. Is it reasonable to believe that there is something wrong with you or have you ever considered that there might be something wrong with them? What gives them that air of perfection that you’re dieing to get? The answer is makeup. Yes, I said makeup!

Recently, I’ve done some research and found that there is a new fad going on for women. Now, we are expected to use make up for the purpose of creating the illusion of bigger breasts. Has our society really sunk so low that it feels the need to deceive and manipulate others, telling women like you and me that we’re not good enough? All of this just so we can look like our favorite stars who make us forget who we are? In my opinion, paying too much attention to creating fake cleavage is not natural beauty and no matter how you look at it, it’s pure superficiality, neither of which we should be proud of.

Also, what you need to know is that female celebrities are either regulars at their local tanning booths or use a bronzer for their legs. This ultimately helps them cover up flaws, pores, and anything else that makes them look “ugly.” They certainly won’t last long in Hollywood if they resemble real people like us. Ever compared yourself to other girls in your classroom or at the club? I bet you didn’t know they had gone to a tanning booth to make their skin look so perfect and flawless. I’m sure they were hoping you didn’t know that too.

With all this craze over celebrities in America, is it any wonder that Oprah Winfrey came in tenth place on the most influential people list of 2011? Everyday people with amazing professions like doctors, nurses, counselors, and teachers do far more good for the world in a single day than most celebrities do in a lifetime. Many may argue that celebrities give to charities, but after a few years of a tripling income, you wouldn’t know what to do with all that money either. Think about it: rich people get bored because they already have everything they could possibly want or need. So why not give some money to charity to boost their ego and fame? Now, I’m not saying Oprah is like that at all. I’m just saying it’s unfortunate that we don’t honor the people who have really made a difference in our lives, like a doctor who’s saved your mother’s life.

Are we guilty of giving celebrities too much of our attention? If so, what can we do to change this? Let’s start by taking off Jessica Simpson’s boots and start walking in our own shoes from now on.

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