Celebrity Birthdays on November 20

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We are all interested in Celebrities and their lives. Celebrities are people we often look up too. This is a series that will show you the most interesting celebrities who are born on each day. Celebrities are just like you and I, they are just more famous.


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1927 Estelle Parsons, American actress who received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Blanche Barrow in Bonnie and Clyde

1932 Richard Dawson, English-American actor and game show host

1939 Dick Smothers, American comedian

1942 Joe Biden, 47th Vice President of the United States

1943 Veronica Hamel, American actress

1947 Joe Walsh, American musician (Eagles, James Gang)

1956 Bo Derek, American actress who was a beautiful model and sex symbol and she is a conservative Republican

1959 Sean Young, American actress

1965 Mike D, American musician (Beastie Boys)

1965 Sen Dog, Cuban rapper (Cypress Hill)

1966 Jill Thompson is an American comic book writer and illustrator. Probably better known for her work on Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman characters and her own Scary Godmother series, she has also worked on The Invisibles, Swamp Thing, and Wonder Woman

1975 Dierks Bentley, American singer

1977 Josh Turner, American singer

1978 Nadine Velazquez is an American actress and model known for her role as Catalina Aruca on My Name Is Earl

I hope you enjoyed today’s celebrity birthdays. Come back out tomorrow to check out more celebrity birthdays. Happy Birthday to all celebrities and everybody else who were born on this day- come back tomorrow to see what Celebrities were born on this day

You born on this day

We wish you happy Birthday

On this special day

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