Celebrity Trivia: Kim Kardashian. How Well Do You Think You Know Her?

Okay. You’ve watched every episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and you are considered by your peers, classmates and neighbors as the resident expert on everything Kardashian.

How are you when it comes to Kim Kardashian trivia? Were you aware that Kim Kardashian was a preschool classmate to Paris Hilton in Beverly Hills? Or that later, Kim would attend the exclusive Marymount High School in Los Angeles?

Most are familiar with her recent headline-grabbing antics, such as the tumultuous circus surrounding her pending divorce/annulment to Kris Humphries, but what about her early years? How much do you really know about Kim Kardashian?

Family Life

1. Kim is the eldest daughter of Kris Jenner and the late O.J. Simpson defense attorney Richard Kardashian. True or False?

2. Which venue did Kim celebrate her 14th birthday? a) Walt Disney Land b) Micheal Jackson’s Neverland Ranch or c) the White House

3. The short-lived marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries of the New Jersey Nets was not Kim’s first wedding. Who was married to Kim in 2000?

Professional Life

4. Kim’s acting debut was on which television series?

5. Kim released her signature perfume, titled Kim Kardashian, in February of what year?

6. Kim formed her own production company and released three successful workout videos. What was the name of the production company?


1. False. Kim is the second-oldest daughter to Kris and Robert Kardashian — junior sibling to Kourtney.

2. Kim celebrated her 14th birthday at Neverland Ranch. The “King of Pop” was not present for the festivities.

3. Kim’s marriage to record producer Damon Thomas (wed in 2000) lasted much longer than her most recent set of wedding vows. Kim and Damon divorced in 2004.

4. Beyond the Break was Kim’s first break, she appeared in the Canadian television series for four episodes.

5. Kim released her perfume in 2010.

6. The name of the production company for the workout videos she starred in was Kimsaprincess Productions, LLC.

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