Chamomile Tea for Relaxation and Sleep

I’ve had trouble falling and staying asleep for the past few years. When I started taking natural supplements, such as Melatonin and Magnesium Glycinate, I noticed a major improvement in my sleep. I also have started drinking Chamomile tea and have had such a great feeling of relaxation before I take my supplements.

The good thing about the Chamomile tea is that it contains no caffeine at all. Other teas that I have tried in the past, even decaffeinated teas, made me jittery and more awake. Decaf tea still has some trace amount of caffeine in it.

Also, Chamomile tea has a sweeter taste and is not bitter. I actually use two tea bags when I make my tea at night before bed. I also add a little bit of honey to it.

The Chamomile tea I drink before bed time, really relaxes my body and mind. I was kind of skeptical at first about it really helping me to wind down and fall asleep. A friend of mind bought me a box of Chamomile tea because I was having sleep issues. She told me it could help me fall asleep.

My friend also had sleep issues to due stress. She said she would drink a cup or two of Chamomile tea at night and it helped her to feel more calm, less worried and it helped her with sleep.

Ever since I’ve been drinking it, I look forward to my cup of Chamomile tea at night. I even think about it in the morning when I start my day. It does have a calming effect and it does help me to fall asleep better.

Along with my natural supplements, Chamomile tea has helped to lower my anxiety and stress levels so that I can relax and fall peacefully asleep. Maybe a cup of Chamomile tea could help you to de stress after a hard day as well. I would do some research first to make sure Chamomile tea is right for you.

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