Change in Attitude and Approach Sorely Needed to Make a Difference

Our leaders, elected with much fanfare after giving us hopes of deliverance from our ills, are coming a cropper. They are making our lives worse by the day. We are now in a vicious cycle of non-deliverance and losing hope that things could ever get better. When they rely on the negatives of their opponents than build on firm positive foundations, we are increasingly on thin ice.

We are aware of great corporations that skid to their doom when key persons are replaced by others who fail to inspire and lead. When major powers, despite their talents and other resources, are steadily losing their way and flounder, what hope is left for lesser mortals? The talents and resources remain, but feel rudderless in the absence of not only strong leaders but left with those lacking vision and rely on divisiveness.

Corporate honchos like Steve Jobs reinvent the landscape and lead us like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, but to good destinations that enrich our lives. Their lives give us a spring in our walks. They don’t claim to be saints but still they show us the way to lead a purposeful life. However, their impact is still limited as they work within narrow confines, when life is taken in totality. We elect our leaders to lead us, and put our trust in them, to show us the way on a wider canvass that encompass even our destiny. But, of late, they are proving equally bad and even becoming worse with each passing day!

Our political and economic landscapes are unraveling. The common man is losing hope and has to rely on some old-fashioned street protests as a last resort to attract attention and seek redress. Enough is enough is the refrain; stop the play-acting and get down to the business of governing based on bi-partisan cooperation. Modern-day Rome is burning everywhere; stop fiddling is the plaintive cry!

It is time indeed to heed the symptoms that are spreading like a virus. If people in richer and advanced countries, the bastions of free democratic societies, lose hope and have to resort to street protests, think of the effects of backlash in poorer countries that have attained their freedom after many sacrifices.

It is clear that there is human depravity which is the root cause of total disarray. Our leaders could feel there is still time left and they are far away from being pushed to the proverbial brick wall, but time is really running short. A hungry man is an angry man! There are limits to one’s patience.

The sooner we make a switch to sanity to deal with our hot-button issues, the better our lives would turn out to be. A real leader should arise from the ashes; he, or she, needs the spark to step forward and then for the present ones to beat a hasty retreat and disappear into oblivion. The time looks ripe and let the door open for a better future that we deserve and reward us for our patience.

Elected leaders owe it to us, as we work within a given system and we have none else to look up to. Let the real hero step in and prove his or her mettle in the interest of humanity and free world. History is replete with such avatars from time to time! We need a leader who is head and shoulders above others to make the vital difference in attitude and approach and show us the way forward and lead us out of the chaos. We are waking up everyday with the fervent hope to get back the spring in our walks that have been snatched away due to our present leaders going around spreading negativity and dividing societies. Hope springs eternal; the very essence of life for a better future!

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