Charlie Sheen’s Returning to TV in 2012, 5 Movies They Should’ve Adapted Instead of ‘Anger Management’

Charlie Sheen is coming back, folks. After being booted from the CBS smash hit “Two and a Half Men” following an insane few weeks that featured rants, tirades, and meltdowns (and that was just on Twitter!), the 46-year-old Sheen is going to be on the FX channel in an adaptation of the Jack Nicholson/Adam Sandler vehicle “Anger Management.” While it’s really no big surprise that Sheen would want to come back to TV, it’s at least a tiny disappointing that he’s coming back in a TV adaptation of a movie.

These things hardly ever turn out all that great. Even if the source material were “Gone With the Wind” or “The Wizard of Oz,” it’s hard to recapture a film and put it into a serial, 30 or 60 minute format. But if they were going to choose a reboot to Charlie into, I think they should have chosen one of these movies from Charlie’s own filmography. After all, you know he’d be familiar with the part!

“Wall Street” – Charlie’s already reprised his role as Bud Fox already in last year’s sequel starring Shia LeBeouf and Michael Douglas. So why not start a spin-off for TV? You could even turn the genre on its head and make it a light-hearted comedy filmed in front of a live studio audience and call it “My Bud, Fox!” I’ll wait eagerly for my check on that one.

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” – Now, hear me out. I know they’ve already done a terrible reboot of this show in the 1980’s. What if the story of the show follows Charlie’s unnamed troubled youth from the police station as he tries to get his life in order following years of substance abuse? Maybe he could have a couple ex-wives and some restraining orders thrown in. Perhaps even he could have a very public meltdown? I think Charlie could pull that role off.

“Men at Work” – This suggestion should be read about 50% less sarcastically than some of the others on this list. I adored the film, which happened to star Charlie’s real-life brother Emilio Estevez. I’m fairly certain that Estevez doesn’t have any big acting projects lined up, so why not get the two brothers back together and they can jump back into the roles of two sanitation workers and their zany antics? Talk about “winning!”

“Major League” – This is another one that I actually think wouldn’t make for a terrible TV show. You’d have to set the story about 20 years after the first film took place, but considering that’s about how much time has actually passed, that shouldn’t be a problem. This role might be the one Charlie is most associated with, so why not let him have it. Maybe Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughan could be at the end of his career, coming out of the bullpen once or twice a week. Maybe he’s retired or coaching. When Wesley Snipes is released from Federal Prison where he’s serving his sentence for tax fraud, he could do a guest spot as Willie Mays Hayes.

“Young Guns” – Again, he could reunite with Emilio for this one! This time though they’d be cowboys in New Mexico. Emilio is Billy the Kid, and Charlie is Dick Brewer. Yes, in the movie Dick gets shot, but the show could focus on all the adventures The Regulators had before John Tunstall was shot. If Charlie’s really wanting a comedy, I’d once more suggest a live studio audience.

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