Charlotte Couple Shares Passion for Healthy Living

One of the most important things a couple can do for their relationship is to find a common passion, something that they can invest their time and effort in together. For Maude and Tom Root of Charlotte, NC, finding that passion was not difficult. Their enthusiasm for good health and nutrition has given them a desire to help others develop a similar passion.

Maude and Tom have been married for what Maude describes as “47 blissful years”. They both have always been health enthusiasts. They have enjoyed running, snow skiing, and playing tennis. In 2002, both Maude and Tom found that, despite their efforts, they had accumulated a bit of unwanted weight. It was around this time that they came upon a line of products called Herbalife. They decided to give the Herbalife shakes a try, and were surprised at the great results they had. Drinking the Herbalife shakes, drinking water, and eating nutritiously enabled Maude to lose 23 pounds and 22 inches of fat within 10 weeks. Tom lost 35 pounds. Maude’s seasonal allergies went away, and Tom’s high cholesterol went from 61 to 144. Not only did Maude and Tom lose weight, they have kept it off!

The great results that Maude and Tom had resulted in a passion for helping others achieve similar results. One of the ways they have done this is through their 12-week Weight Loss Challenge, which is held at the Belle Johnson Community Center in Pineville, NC. The challenge is based, in part, on the popular TV show, “The Biggest Loser”. Cash prizes are awarded at the end of the challenge for the most weight lost as well as the most inches lost. Even more important than the cash prize, however, is the wonderful information and support that is exchanged during the challenge. Tips on nutrition, recipe sharing, and inspirational sharing are all what makes the challenge so successful. To date, challengers have lost more than 1400 pounds and over 16 yards of fat. That is something to get excited about!

Maude and Tom are always looking for people who would like to join the Weight Loss Challenge. If you’ve been struggling with losing weight, and it seems like you’ve tried everything, this may very well be the answer you are looking for. This would also be a great challenge for couples to try together. Not only can you learn and experience nutrition on an entirely new level, you can be buddies to one another…helping to ensure your success.

How has the facilitating the Weight Loss Challenge helped Maude and Tom? According to them, ” The Weight Loss Challenge has enabled us to work together to maintain our good health and vitality while reaching out to help others improve their health and the quality of their lives as well.”

Don’t hesitate to contact Maude or Tom if you are interested in joining the Weight Loss Challenge. It just may be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. The current Weight Loss challenge is open to new registrants who register by next Tuesday, October 4.

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